A Chinese Influencer Was Just Dismembered By A Crazed Fan

A Chinese Influencer Was Just Dismembered By A Crazed Fan

“Her tongue had been cut out.”

I translated the original sources used for the following article from Chinese to English, so some details may differ slightly. I have done my best to hyperlink original text where needed.

Just a few days ago — December 7th, 2022 — Xiaoli was thinking about her next video, and her fans (all 130,000) were waiting for its release. All of her fans except one, of course, as he already knew that she wouldn’t have the chance to post it; she would be dead by then.

The investigation into the murder of Xiaoli — real name “Li”, a popular Chinese TikTok influencer — is still ongoing, so there aren’t many details, but here is what the Chinese police know so far.


These days, China needs all the positivity it can get. With the Covid restrictions, protest, and just overall unrest, there is a never-ending barrage of negative news coming from the “ancestral land” (祖国). Xiaoli sought to change that.

Every account that I have read of Xiaoli’s TikTok videos (which the family has since made private), she sought to bring happiness into the world. From videos of her dancing, doing yoga, sweeping, cooking chicken for her husband, singing karaoke, and even trying her hand at woodworking, she would always wear the biggest smile she could. She lived a happy life and wanted others to absorb some of her positivity.

Xiaoli’s TikTok. Source.

Her TikTok was a hobby to her, and a platform that she used to connect with new friends and family. Now, those who knew the real Li say that she was a positive and inspirational person who never offended anyone. She always wore her smile.

“After the incident, several citizens said that the deceased was a very good person. Her family was in the medicine business, and being an Internet celebrity was just a hobby. She was upright and had a harmonious family, and she did not offend anyone.” — Translated from 8World.com

From what we know, Li was happily married — much of the time uploading videos of her and her hubby; he now grieves over his sudden loss. What’s perhaps the most tragic is Li not only leaves behind her husband, but also her ten-year-old daughter.

Xiaoli and her husband. Source.

The Murder

On December 7th, Li was “delivering goods” by car. From what I can tell, she and her husband had started a farming business and were selling vegetables. She never made it to her final destination, however, and police found her abandoned car — keys still inside — near the Bijia Mountain.

She had died a horrible death and her body was found stripped, dismembered, and her tongue was “cut off”.

The accused, 30-year-old Chen Moubin, was arrested on December 9th. Sources confirmed he was a fan of her social media account. At this time, there is no public photo of him, his arrest, or potential motive behind the heinous crime.