Meet The Team


My name is Jon Perry and I’m the storyteller & researcher for each week’s episodes. I’m a combat veteran who’s therapist told me to find a “good way to express my feelings.” Lo-and-behold the Talk Murder To Me podcast. I have one fiancee, two dogs, and live three minutes from the ocean. Message me on my social media or email me with story request, but whatever you do, please no loud noises.


Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Nicole spent three of her college years at Loyola University Maryland and one year at Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium. From there, her love of chocolate, frites, and beer only grew (and aptly named her dog Stella, after the beer famously brewed in Leuven). She moved to Charleston, SC a week after college graduation in 2013, no job lined up and having never been there before on a hunch. Three years after moving to Charleston, she met Jon, her future husband (and co-host.) Nicole was never hugely into crime, mostly mystery stories and binging on Netflix, until a whole new world of dark serial killers was introduced like never before.


Jen is our resident singing, bongo-playing color commentator hailing all the way from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Like many, Jen became interested in true crime by spending her weekends in high school binge watching IDTV documentaries when she was home alone in order to scare herself straight (well, maybe that was just her…).


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