The Terrifying, But True Albert Fish Torture Killings

There is no doubt that Albert Fish (real name Hamilton Howard Fish) can be considered one of the most depraved and vile serial killer, child rapist, and cannibal to ever walk on Earth. While there are only three evidence-proven cases murder cases, most experts believe that this sadistic senior was responsible for at least one hundred other rapes and tortures. Fish’s main target was children, earning him the name “Boogeyman” amoung many others.

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  • First off, I love that I can leave comments. I can’t do this with a lot of other podcast websites.

    Second, my take on the insanity thing… There are a lot of people out there with mental illness. One of the most controversial mental illnesses is pedophilia, and also one of the hardest to be treated for because many psychologists won’t work with these individuals due to the stigma. However, by definition, pedophilia is simply an ATTRACTION to children. There are many pedophiles out there who have never ACTED on their attraction or desires, nor do they want to. They know it is wrong, but, it is a mental illness and they cannot help what their brain is telling them without help from psychologists and psychiatrists. Albert Fish was definitely mentally ill. Hearing voices is textbook DSM schizophrenia, not to mention the pedophilia and ephebophelia (attraction to mid- to late-adolescents, typically 15-19), the sado-masochism (which does fall under psychiatric sexual disorders). But there is a lot of evidence to suggest that he knew the difference between right and wrong. Primarily, he went to great lengths to conceal his wrong-doings, and he felt the need to punish himself for his crimes (whether or not he gained sexual satisfaction from this punishment, and whether or not god/angels told him to do it, it is still specifically punishment for his sins per his own words). He was a con-man who lured people in with honeyed words and promises. His actions took forethought and planning, even when he made split-second decisions to take someone, such as Gracie Budd. He still planned out where he would take her, what he would do, etc. He came to the Budd home with implements in a canvas bag before he’d ever even seen Gracie. Clearly, he had planned to take the boys at the very least and only changed his mind after seeing her.

    Mental illness ≠ insanity, and mental illness + criminal action ≠ insanity. Mental illness + criminal action + knowledge their actions is wrong ≠ insanity. ONLY mental illness + criminal action + belief what they are doing is perfectly fine = insanity, and Albert Fish did not fit that equation. The Sigmund Freud protégée psychologist had it right that he was not insane and deserved to be put to death.

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