Ally Kostial – What we know so far about this tragic murder

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Here is a very tragic murder case of a 21-year-old student from the University of Mississippi, Alexandria “Ally” Kostial.

Ally was found dead on Saturday, July 20, 2019, by the Lafayette County Sheriffs Department police doing a routine patrol of Buford’s Ridge near Sardis Lake in Lafayette County, Mississippi – 30 miles away from ‘Ole Miss.’

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According to the father’s Facebook post, Keith Kostial, she was attending summer classes at the campus while also teaching summer fitness classes.

Ally was entering her senior year and set to graduate in 2020 with a marketing degree.

There is a Go fund me page to support Ally’s family here.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]’SWEET, GENUINE AND ALWAYS HAD A SMILE ON HER FACE’[/su_highlight]

Friends described Ally to local news sources as being a sweet, genuine and happy person.

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Many sources claim that Kostial was shot 8 times, but that is all anyone knows so far. In speculation, many people feel like something may of “went wrong” Friday night in which she was murdered after.

She was last seen by CCTV Friday night at an Oxford bar close to campus. Footage shows her stopping at the door, but not entering the bar.

Her roommates reported her returning to the apartment around midnight and claim they did not hear her leave again.

A report from People suggests that Ally was “dumped” at the lake meaning that she was perhaps killed at another spot.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]BRANDON THEESFELD – THE KILLER – MOST LIKELY[/su_highlight]

Investigators tracked Theesfeld to the gas station in South Memphis using his cellphone and credit cards. He was spotted entering the service station wearing an Ole Miss tee.

Police have arrested a 22-year-old student, Brandon Theesfeld who was also a student at the University of Mississippi. Officials have not yet confirmed how the two knew each other.

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