Talkocast Presents: Among the Dirt and Trees Podcast

Among the Dirt and Trees is a podcast that dives deep into the nitty-gritty details of true crime cases that occur out in nature. I’m here to ruin the forest, the desert, and even the beach for you. Join me every Wednesday for new stories that will make you never want to leave your couch! 🔪🌲

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BreeAnn is the host and creator of Among the Dirt and Trees—and the team blogger! She grew up with a love of all things spooky while obsessing over Investigation Discovery shows and eventually switched over to podcasts while working a boring office job in Corporate America. She has since left her corporate life behind to spend her days and nights as a freelance writer and podcaster, but she still takes time to listen to podcasts while she works. Talkocast has given her a chance to leverage her B.S. in Psychology and her love of writing to terrify the general public. You can find her writing stories, reading books, playing D&D, or doing yoga when she’s not researching cases filled with unimaginable horrors and scaring people out of their next camping trip.

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