Texas Mother And Boyfriend Spent Thirty Hours Torturing Their “Demon Possessed” Baby

Texas Mother And Boyfriend Spent Thirty Hours Torturing Their “Demon Possessed” Baby

“God” Helped Boyfriend Perform Fatal Exorcism

Texas Ranger Kenny Ray was fed up with her lies. After a heavy breath, he removed the white Cattleman cowboy hat from his head, which he carefully placed on the dash of his Ford pickup. The crime scene flashed through his mind once more and he fought back his tears.

Ranger Ray is a God-fearing man, a chaplain, able to make sense of the world’s wickedness without succumbing to his own emotions; but he saw the injuries delivered to that helpless baby. They were horrible, unspeakable, incomprehensible, the type of nightmarish sight that would make the most religious of men question their faith.

How could anyone do something like this to such a beautiful soul? Did God allow this to happen? There must be a reason, he thought.

Rest in peace, beautiful soul. Amora Carson 2007–2008. Source.

The Ranger took another heavy breath and continued his interview with this ‘so-called-mother’, doing his best to filter out her lies from even a tiny morsel of truth.

An hour into the interview, Jesseca Carson, sitting in the passenger's seat, took a heavy breath as she realized that Ranger Ray was fed up with her lies. Her baby did not “hit itself in the head with a hammer”, it was not “attacked by dogs”, she did not “find it in this condition”, and it did not become “injured in a car wreck.”

Suddenly Ranger Ray noticed a “pretty drastic” change in Jesseca’s demeanor. She was no longer “crying and acting very distraught”. Now, she referred to her dead daughter as “that baby”; no longer acting like she cared about the precious life she brought into the world one year ago. She started over, telling Ranger Ray the true story about Amora’s injuries; an “extremely bizarre” and awful story.


As a single parent, Jesseca Bain Carson was struggling and, at only seventeen, she jumped at the opportunity to move in with her boyfriend — who she had only recently met — in his trailer home.

Jesseca and baby Amora. Source.

The boyfriend, Blaine Keith Milam, was only slightly older than her and seemed to cherish Jesseca’s baby, Amora Carson; at least he seemed to care more than the baby’s biological father did. Still, the best thing that Jesseca could do for Amora was continue living at home with her mother and brother, which she decided against.

Jesseca seemed to change quickly after moving in with Blaine. She had stopped all contact with her mother, and her friends, who worried about her, couldn’t seem to contact her anymore. Jesseca went from a well-dressed caring mother to withdrawn and “unconcerned” about her appearance. Friends said that her demeanor was often “weird, hollow… like empty” and looking into her eyes was “like looking into a dark space.”

Blaine Milam and Amora. Source.

Blaine was in control of her and Amora’s life now, and Jesseca seemed to prefer it that way. She was always at his side, even while he was at his job. That way, he could watch her and know that she was being faithful to only him. He was jealous and extremely controlling. She never left the home. He wouldn’t allow it.

She suffered. Amora suffered. The baby was going hungry and covered with week’s worth of unshowered filth.


As Jesseca gave her tell all to Ranger Ray, the medical examiner made his findings. The first thing he noticed was that the child was already “entirely stiff” and “in rigor”, and must have been dead for several hours by the time Blaine called 911.

The baby was beaten — so severely — that the “multitude of fractures to her skull connected with each other like a jigsaw puzzle.” Her brain had also been “torn” and severely damaged.

Her arm and leg had spiral fractures showing that they were “twisted” in two. The baby’s torso was “either struck by a blunt object or squeezed until the ribs and sternum broke.”

Baby Amora had been strangled. Her liver was torn. Blunt force trauma lacerated the underside of her tongue.

Bruises covered her face — so extensively — that the autopsy referred to the damage as “one giant injury”.

The vaginal and anal orifices were so torn that the “vagina and rectum were actually connected”, an injury that the forensic examiner had “never seen before.”

The neck, chest, abdomen, buttocks, both elbows, both forearms, both feet, right arm, left shoulder, left upper arm, left hand, right thigh, and left knee was “riddled with no less” than twenty-four distinct bite marks.

There were so many injuries that it was not possible to determine baby Amora’s exact cause of death. However, the forensic examiner noted that there were multiple injuries that could standalone as fatal.


Jesseca tells Ranger Ray that she was unsure about Blaine bringing the Ouija Board inside their home, especially with Amora around.

But how could she argue with Blaine? She couldn’t. He wanted to talk to his deceased father, and that’s one of the things that Jesseca loved about him. Perhaps she could talk to hers as well.

Whether — my dear reader — you believe in the Ouija Board as a direct line to the spirit world or not, Blaine certainly did. And if we were to believe Jesseca’s story, both she and Blaine were communicating with a spirit.

Their intent was to contact their own fathers, but often, as Ouija experts will claim, a malevolent spirit often masquerades itself as a loved one. The reasoning, if given the right circumstances, the evil spirit will be able to ‘cross over’ into the physical world.

Jesseca claims that this happened, that they feared they have been talking to “bad spirits through the board.”


Once the two figured out they were negotiating with a vengeful spirit, it was too late, as it had already passed over and entered Blaine’s body.


Jesseca told Ranger Ray that she believed a demon had possessed Blaine, and on December 1, 2008, she would no longer question his decisions, as he told her, “God says there’s things that you don’t need to know right now.”

Something else happened on this day that spawned the genesis of their frenzied madness; baby Amora took her first steps — something Blaine said shouldn’t happen, that Amora was “too young” to walk. There could be only one explanation for Amora’s new locomotion. To Blaine Milam, a demon had possessed her; perhaps the same one that has once been inside of him.

Carson concluded that the child was like “Chucky” or “Pet Sematary” (horror movies) when the “boy dies and comes back to life all evil and stuff” because the child was “biting Blaine to where it was drawing blood on his hands.”


Blaine Milam took it upon himself to remove the ‘demon’ from baby Amora through an exorcism. He claimed God would guide him through this ritual.

It took thirty hours for Blaine Milam to murder baby Amora; not that he couldn’t of killed her in thirty seconds, but the full “exorcism” — more accurately, the full torture session — lasted for nearly a day and a half.

The forensic examiner summarized the baby’s injuries: facial abrasions and bruises; twenty-four human bite marks; bruises, scrapes, and abrasions from head to toe; bleeding underneath the scalp; extensive fracturing to the back of the skull; bleeding between the brain and the skull; a laceration to the brain tissue as well as swelling, bleeding, and bruising; bleeding around the optic nerves; bleeding in the eyes and around the jugular vein; fractures to the right arm and leg; eighteen rib fractures; a tear to the liver; and extensive injury to the genitals.

Blaine told Jesseca that God told him the child got the hammer and was hitting herself on the head. Carson, acknowledging that she saw her child during this time, stated, “I saw her, but the first couple of times, he didn’t — I didn’t want to see her.” She thought it was not really her child, but the “demon possessing her or whatever.” — Carson v. State

Jesseca was not allowed to watch her daughter’s exorcism — Blaine wouldn’t allow it, but she could hear “the demon cry out and scream out” and she “heard a lot of banging.” She stayed on the couch for much of the thirty-hour torture session while Blaine was alone with Amora in the master bedroom.

At one point, Milam told Carson he used a rope to tie up the child to still the demon. Carson told Milam she would rather the child “go to heaven now than spend a life with Satan having her soul.” — Carson v. State

During the torture session, baby Amora escaped and “hid under the bed”, giving her mother one last chance to save her from her soon-to-be executioner.

The mother did nothing.


It was 8am when Crystal Dopson flipped over the sign from “Sorry, we’re closed” to “Open”, and unlocked the deadbolt on the front glass door of the pawnshop — Insta-Cash Pawn — she managed. She wasn’t expecting early birds like the two tired-looking teenagers that walked up as she was still removing her keys from the lock.

It was the morning of December 2 when Blaine Milam and Jesseca Carson carried in an electric chain saw and air impact tool to pawn.

Jesseca and Blaine pawned tools for money “for a priest.” Source.

The two had spent the last thirty hours performing an ad hoc exorcism to a thirteen-month-old baby, and things were not going as they planned. At one point Blaine had had the upper hand, and with God’s help, had successfully forced the demon out of Amora, or so he thought. Jesseca, too, believed that Blaine had almost driven it out as she “was hearing the demon growl and everything,” but apparently they were wrong. They confused the silence of the baby as progress, but the silence was just the baby’s demise.

And so they found themselves, exhausted, and in Crystal Dopson’s pawnshop, where they were pawning their tools “for money to pay a priest.”

What they didn’t know then was that they were past the point of hiring a priest to drive out the demon; baby Amora was already dead.

told her


Blaine Milam had his first drink of hard alcohol at thirteen, and by fifteen he was downing a “pint of Schnapps per day”. By sixteen he was using methamphetamine “occasionally”, and when it wasn’t readily available, he would just as easily settle for “Vicodin, crack, embalming fluid, heroine, LSD, PCP, inhalants, and other drugs.”

Photo by Jonathan Gonzalez on Unsplash

Dr. Patricia Rosen, a medical toxicologist, testified that toxicology reports showed that Blaine Milam had 0.17 milligrams of methamphetamine per liter of blood in his system on December 2nd.

Methamphetamine users, according to Paula Lundberg-Love, and expert in psychopharmacology, experience paranoia and hallucinations as direct effects of the drug. According to her, it is possible that both Blaine and Jesseca — assuming both were using at the time — started “believing there were demons that were changing the facial structures of the child.”

“These kinds of abnormalities could be, maybe, related to the abnormal behavior in methamphetamine users,” Lundberg-Love said.

If we were to pair the use of methamphetamine with Jesseca’s state of mind which, according to Dr. Frank Murphy, was at the state of psychotic depression, it is easier to believe that she was really “hearing the demon growl”.

According to Murphy, Jesseca developed depression first — probably in the form of being in a tumultuous relationship, locked in the house by a jealous boyfriend, with easy access to methamphetamine. Only after her depression set in, her psychosis formed, meaning she began to hallucinate, coming to a delusional state, and losing touch with reality.


Today Blaine Milam sits on Polunsky Death Row dodging the executioner’s needle by the skin of his teeth. With each new stay of execution, Blaine’s supporters dream of new and untried excuses to explain him ripping a baby to shreds. It’s not his fault, Blaine’s mother claims, her son was “pulled out of school in the fourth grade” and his brain stopped developing at twelve-years-old.

Blaine (middle) smiling with his mother (right) and his new wife (left). Source.

Blaine’s supporters will blame everything from drugs to his fourth-grade education to even blaming Jesseca Carson, but never the fact that he wanted to carry out these horrid acts.

On December 13th, Blaine’s sister, Teresa, visited him in jail. Later that night, Teresa remarked to her aunt that she “was needing to find a way to get back out to the trailer in Tatum,” because “Blaine had told her that she needed to go out there to the trailer to get some evidence out from underneath of it.” The aunt informed police and told them that “she needed to get out to the trailer immediately, that Teresa wanted to go out there to get some evidence out from underneath the trailer.”

Found under the trailer was a clear plastic bag containing a pipewrench coated in astroglide; the same lubricant was present on Amora’s bloody diaper. Blaine Milam had hid the pipewrench under the trailer on purpose, because it was used to cause the “extensive injuries to the genitals” and to rip them so badly that the “vagina and rectum were actually connected.”

Blaine Milam is a sex offender, and was a sex offender previous to him torturing Amora to death. Since March 2007, and then again in 2008.

Blaine Milam was a sex offender while he was living with Jesseca and baby Amora. Source.

Perhaps the “exorcism” was a cover up for the truth: Blaine Milam is nothing more than a baby rapist and killer.

A demon did not possess Amora Bain Carson; infact she had nothing but beauty and goodness inside of her. She was a beautiful angel and needs to be remembered that way. Rest in peace.

Amora Bain Carson, 2007–2008. Source.

Author’s note: It took me several days to complete this story — not because of the exhaustive research, but of the constant breaks I needed to take in order to separate myself, and my mind, from its heart-wrenching conclusions. I found going on short walks helped me to reconnect with the beauty of the world outside. Ultimately, this universe is made up of more ‘lightness’ than ‘darkness’ — I truly believe that, and sometimes after reading through a distressing case like this one, it’s good for us to separate ourselves, if only for a short walk. If you have read this post to the end, perhaps you could also relax your mind by doing the same. :)