The Head-Scratching Case of Amy Lynn Bradley, Who Vanished Aboard a Popular Cruise Ship

Published on June 22, 2020

For most people, graduating college is cause for celebration. At 23, Amy Lyn Bradley had just finished college and was ready to start her life. This driven and beautiful young woman was ready to take the world by storm. Before her big plans could kick off, her family went for a nice vacation with the Royal Caribbean Cruiseline. Though they intended it to be a fun way for the family to bond and celebrate it ended up being a traumatic memory that would haunt the family for the rest of their lives. In the early morning hours, Amy Lyn Bradley vanished, and though she has reportedly been seen many times since, no one has found her.

Amy Lynn Bradley

Dancing The Night Away

In 1998, times were different. There wasn’t an overwhelming world of updates and photos. Amy, at 23, was living in the moment and having a ton of fun. A few nights into her family’s cruise, Amy and her brother, Brad, went to the on-board nightclub to dance. After a night of fun, Brad returned to the room that he and his sister were sharing, and she returned a short while later. The two talked, and Amy’s father reported seeing her smoking on the balcony around 5 am. Later that morning, Amy was nowhere to be found. So what happened?

Amy Lynn Bradley with brother on ship

Several Questions, No Answers

There are a couple of working theories surrounding Amy’s disappearance. The first revolved around a member of the cruise ship’s band, who had reportedly danced all night long with Amy. Several witnesses report the two parting ways, but some people wonder if they might have met back up and if this was somehow connected to her disappearance. The police interviewed him, but eventually cleared him of playing any role in Amy’s potential abduction.

With cruise ships, when someone goes missing, people assume that they have fallen overboard. Though this theory was pursued, there seemed to be no evidence that would suggest that this is the case. It is possible that this could simply be the cruise line dodging adverse publicity, but the ship’s crew is actually a point of concern and suspicion. One of the stranger things about Amy’s disappearance is the ship’s borderline refusal to help her family find her. The family asked for a message to be sent out on the ship, but the staff refused, claiming that it would cause a panic among the other passengers. They also refused to stop anyone from leaving the ship and instructed the family to stay behind in Curacao if they needed to search for their lost daughter. Offering little more than a halfhearted search of the ship, the ship’s crew did little in the way of finding the missing girl.

Extra Attention From Ship's Photographer

What makes this even more peculiar is that Amy was reportedly at odds with some of the ship’s crew. Several members of the crew were paying her a lot more attention than she was comfortable with. In fact, the ship’s photographers, who were found all over the ship, seemed eager to photograph the beautiful youthful woman. Though this might seem somewhat normal, the fact that all photos taken of her disappeared before the family could locate them on the board was not. To this day, no one knows who removed the photos or for what reason.

Amy Bradley - Compilation

The crew’s interest in Amy is speculated to tie into the eventual theories about her disappearance. That morning was the last time that Amy’s family saw her, but that doesn’t mean that it was the last time that she was seen. In fact, many people claim to have had encounters with the missing woman over the years. So many people have come forward claiming to have seen Amy that she is believed to be very much alive. Despite the initial theory that she might have run off for a life of fun on the beach, the truth seems to be decidedly more horrible. Every instance of Amy being seen involves her being surrounded by intimidating men in a constant state of fear.

Forced Into Sex Trade

Several instances have occurred where Amy was reportedly spotted. One was by a man on a beach who could even recall her two unique tattoos, which gave immediate evidence to the family and the FBI that it was likely her. A woman reported seeing her under obvious duress in a department store. Even more disturbing, a member of the United States Navy reported being approached by her in a brothel where she begged him to help her. Though he did tell her where the ship was docked, he did not report the incident because he was too afraid of getting in trouble for visiting the brothel. Ultimately, the brothel was destroyed and Amy was still nowhere to be found.

Amy Lynn Bradley sex slave

A shocking nine years later, the family received an email with what appeared to be an ad for Amy as a sex worker. The FBI and her family were absolutely convinced that the woman in the photo who was sporting an unfamiliar name, was in fact the missing woman. The woman in the images is wearing underwear, as well as naked. This strengthened one of the working theories that Amy had been abducted and sold into sexual slavery.

Wanted by the FBI: Missing Woman Amy Lynn Bradley

Wanted by the FBI: Seeking Tips in Amy Bradley Investigation

Many theories surrounding her abduction have come up over the years. A lot of people speculate that the crew might have somehow been involved in the sex trade. It seems possible that they had their attention on Amy and the photos in selling her to a local bidder. Though it might have been a stranger or random abduction, people speculate that someone must know something for her to have been taken off the ship. To this day, Amy has yet to be found.

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