‘Transgender’ Teen, Andrew Balcer, Viciously Stabs Parents to Death on Halloween

‘Transgender’ Teen, Andrew Balcer, Viciously Stabs Parents to Death on Halloween

Andrew (now Andrea) Balcer told authorities that he simply “snapped” when he killed fatally stabbed his mother and father on Halloween night 2016. Andrew was struggling with a transition from male to female and claims that his parents did not support him through the process.

Andrew Balcer is sentenced to 40 years in prison. Photo from ABC

He spared his older brother Christopher Balcer during the attack

Before the night of the murders, Andrew was just 17, he had no criminal record and has never been in trouble with law enforcement.

Gary Rosenthal, Superintendent of Winthrop High School, had viewed Balcer as a model student:

"From what best I know, he was a very good kid, a very good student, an academically superior student. There were [none] that I know of that would indicate there were any problems, and the family seemed to be well-liked, and the mother was very personable. It’s one of those dilemmas you shake your head at.”

Hugging His Mother As She Is Stabbed 9 Times

Antonio (left) and Alice Balcer, the murdered parents of Andrew “Andrea” Balcer. Both were 47-years-old at the time of their brutal deaths. (Courtesy: Exiles Motorcycle Club)

According to the 12-minute 911 call, Balcer talked of stabbing his mother, Alice, with a large knife while hugging her. He then stabbed his father, Antonio, repeatedly as he was waking up, hearing his wife’s screams as he stabbed her nine times by her son.

Balcer told authorities he murdered his parents because they did not accept him through his transition, although this statement was disputed by his uncle, Carl Pierce,

"There was no hatred. There was no malice. There was no ill will. There was resignation, to be sure, but ultimately there was acceptance. To justify these killings because of sexual identity or gender DYSPHORIA beliefs is truly a cowardly act."

Andrew also stabbed the family pet chihuahua to death because it “wouldn’t stop barking.”

Andrew Balcer was tried as an adult, taking a plea that would eliminate the possibility of a life sentence. The State of Maine sentenced the transgendered killer to 40 years in prison.