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The Seriously Crazy Interview Of Female Killer Angela Simpson

Terry Neely, a 46-year-old disabled man, left his assisted care facility on August 2, 2009, and was never seen alive again. Neely had met up with Angela Simpson, a Phoenix resident, who promised him sex and drugs. During the next three days, Simpson brutally tortured Neely, cut up his body, dumped the remains in a dumpster and set it ablaze. Her interview has gone viral and even used as motivation for a popular BBC show.


Angela Simpson’s interview makes this case so popular.

Cold Blooded Woman Angela Simpson Interview After Getting Life In Prison!

Simpson lured Neely into an abandoned apartment on August 2, 2009, with the promise of sex and drugs. “I took him to my house, walked him down the street ... walked him upstairs, kicked his ass, and killed him.”

TikToker’s since duplicated her demeanor and candid attitude towards the murder of Terry Neely as a TikTok challenge, where members will film themselves attempting to recreate some parts of the interview.

@nurse_breaMurderers be like 😳 #angelasimpsoninterview #murderer #nursebrea #playacting♬ original sound - Keavysmysteries❤️

The interview also reached a new level of fame when it was used as the inspiration behind a female assassin and villain on the BBC show, “Killing Eve.” The director claims he had seen the interview clip online and used Angela Simpson’s psychopathic candor in the show.

Rusty Nails

She doesn’t go into detail about the killing in her interview, but we know from police and autopsy reports that Terry Neely died a harrowing death.

Simpson told investigators that once inside the apartment, she “attacked, dismembered and placed him in a trash can,” although even this description is mild compared to what actually happened.

For three days (August 2 to August 5), she bound Terry Neely to his wheelchair, which was placed in front of a mirror. Angela wanted her victim to see the torture that she would inflict on him.

When asked if she tortured him, Angela responded, “Of course.”

Simpson started with Neely’s teeth, yanking them out one by one. She then beat him over the head with a tire iron, using her full strength. Next, she used a knife to inflict fifty stab wounds on the victim’s body and neck. Finally, Simpson hammered a rusty “3-inch nail” into the skull and brain of her victim.

“I don’t regret killing him." She then added, “I would have kept him alive for a week. I would have tortured him for a week instead of three days. And I regret not killing my other victim.”

Residents alerted the Phoenix Fire Department to a dumpster fire outside of the apartment, where they uncovered Neely’s severed remains.

The Phoenix Police Department said that the murder was “one of the most heinous homicide cases the department has ever seen.”

“Oops if he wasn’t,”

Angela Simpson knew Terry Neely, but how well is the matter of speculation. According to Simpson, at some point her victim confessed to her he had previously worked with police as a “snitch” where his testimony resulted in the imprisonment of many criminals.

Angela admitted to the interviewer that she did not know any of the incarcerated criminals or even if Neely was telling the truth about snitching.

When asked, what if Terry Neely wasn’t a snitch, Angela replied, “well, oops if he wasn’t.”

A New Life With Family

The Angela Simpson interview became an inspiration to the female assassin on the fictional BBC Killing Eve.

The Angela Simpson interview became an inspiration to the female assassin on the fictional BBC Killing Eve.

Angela Simpson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve life in prison, plus fourteen additional years for lesser chargers.

She admitted the verdict was not fair, and she believes that she should have received the death penalty, although she is glad she did not.

She tells the interviewer that she is okay with being in prison for the rest of her life and that she looks forward to spending time with her other incarcerated family members.



This real female killer was an inspiration for psychopathic ‘Killing Eve’ assassin

Phoenix woman indicted in dismemberment

Angela Simpson gets life in prison (plus a little extra) for savage murder of disabled man


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