Killer Lite & The Deadly Dose of Eric and Ann Miller

On November 16, 2001 the emergency department at Rex Hospital Raleigh received patient Eric Miller. Miller was a 30-year-old doctor, scientist, and pediatric aids researcher at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center at UNC. With flu-like symptoms Miller was vomiting and had severe stomach pains that continued to worsen. Miller was sent to the ICU on November 18th for emergency care.

Accompanying Eric Miller to the hospital was his wife of 7 years Ann Miller. Ann was an employee and scientist at GlaxoSmithKline and the couple had a 1-year-old daughter named Claire.

Detectives did not realize until after Eric Miller’s sudden death on December 2, 2001 that his wife has been secretly poisoning her husband with larger and larger doses of arsenic. Ann Miller was known by her in-laws to be a “serial adulterer” and was romantically involved with more than one co-worker.

Derril Willard Jr., 37, was one of the men having an affair with Ann Miller. Detectives believe that Derril was the man that administered the initial dose of arsenic on November 15, 2001 while bowling with Eric Miller. Willard committed suicide by shooting himself the day after police searched his home.

Ann Miller quickly remarried to a Christian rock band musician Paul Kontz and changed her name to Ann Miller-Kontz after moving to Willimington, NC. However, fate did catch up with Ann and she is now serving a minimum of 25 years in prison.


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