A Russian Paedophile, Arkady Zverev, and Child Accomplice Dismember Landlord, Boil Eyeball, then Cook and Eat Heart, Putting Brain into Microwave for 3 Minutes

A Russian killer cannibalizes his landlord with the help of a young girl he manipulated, until justice catches up to them both behind bars.

A Russian Paedophile, Arkady Zverev, and Child Accomplice Dismember Landlord, Boil Eyeball, then Cook and Eat Heart, Putting Brain into Microwave for 3 Minutes

Deranged stalker's history of grooming underage girls takes gruesome twist after rent dispute boils over

Long before he committed one of the most gruesome cannibal murders Russia has seen, Arkady Zverev already had a troubling pattern of preying on vulnerable underage girls.

Arkady Zverev

An obsessed stalker, he allegedly groomed and seduced his teenage girlfriend, only for her to mysteriously fall to her death from a window. Craving ever younger victims, the 22-year-old then set his sights on 12-year-old Valeria online. Despite the 1,500 mile distance between them, Zverev manipulated the girl's mind to the point she ran away from home to be with him.

The murder occurred on the ground floor in the victim's flatCredit: East2west News

Screams pierce apartment building as axe-wielding maniac hacks up helpless landlord and boils organs on stove

When Valeria arrived to her stalker's home, she entered a makeshift house of horrors. There Zverev had just committed a brutal axe murder against his 21-year-old landlord Alexander Popovich over the mundane issue of a rent increase.

The victim, Alexander Popovich, was found disembowelled in his own homeCredit: East2west News

With Valeria's young mind still firmly under his warped control, Zverev included her in violating Popovich's remains in unthinkable ways.

Arkady Zverev uses a mannequin to show police how he stabbed the victimCredit: East2west News

Wielding sharp knives in the tiny apartment kitchen, the pair ruthlessly chopped apart the body and cut out organs to cook on the stove and eat.

Among the body parts the cannibal predator and his manipulated child accomplice consumed were the victim's eye, heart, and brains.

The body of the victim was found just inside the kitchen, covered by a white clothCredit: East2west News

Girl who ate human flesh is free to mingle among orphans as officials claim 'no deviations', while her cannibal mentor never faces full justice

In the aftermath of the barbaric crime, justice never seemed to fully run its course. Despite participating in dismemberment and cannibalism of the victim, Valeria was cleared as an innocent party. She spent merely a month in psychiatric evaluation before being transferred to an orphanage, shocking local parents by interacting freely with their children.


Even as she described the taste of human flesh and organs to her youthful classmates, the institution director declared Valeria "an absolutely normal child with no deviations." Meanwhile, though Zverev confessed exhaustive details about his sadistic cannibal acts in court, he died mysteriously in police custody before ever receiving a sentence.

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