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Armin Meiwes Murdered And Cooked His Dinner Guest Whom Was A Willing Participant

On the evening of March 9th, 2001, Armin Meiwes murdered Bernd Brandes after getting his full consent to cannibalize his body. Meiwes is serving life in prison for the murder of Brandes.

Armin Meiwes was the third son of a domineering mother and divorcee of three husbands, Waltraud Meiwes. Armin was only six years old when his siblings left home away from their mother and eight when his father fled the home in 1968.

Armin first dreamed of eating someone when he was only eight years old. Psychiatrist would later claim that Meiwes is suffering from schizophrenia, which he developed as a child when he created an imaginary younger brother named Frank. It wasn't until his mother died of cancer that Armin Meiwes became the man, and cannibal, he's always dreamed of.

Bernd Brandes was a forty-one-year-old software engineer who worked for the Siemens corporation for fifteen years. After a series of rough breakups, Brandes finds the subculture of 'Love Cannibalism' and decides he wants to be eaten alive by a real-life cannibal. Brandes met Armin on a forum called the Cannibal Cafe. Brandes messages Armin and says, "I am 36 years old, 175 cm and weigh 72 kg. I hope you are really serious about it because I really want it."

On the evening of March 9th, 2001, Brandes tells Armin to slice off his penis during sex, cook it, and then feed it to both Brandes and Armin. Brandes, now with no penis, drifts in and out of consciousness from the immense loss of blood. Brandes then takes a hot bath where he enjoyed himself "squirting like a fountain" in the bath water.

URBEX - Home of the Cannibal

They charged Armin Meiwes with murder after he stuck a kitchen knife eighteen inches into the neck of Brandes, killing him immediately. Jurors watched a video of this and decided that Armin should face murder charges. The video that was shown in the courtroom has been destroyed, but a few still images exist (below).

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