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Deadly Dentist Bart Corbin and His Story of Marriage, Deception and Two Gruesome Murders

Jenn Corbin, 33, was found dead in her home by her oldest son Dalton on December 4, 2004. She was shot in the head from what first appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The state of Georgia would convict her husband Bart Corbin, a local dentist and serial killer, of her murder. This true crime case became known as one of Ann Rule's best-selling accounts Too Late To Say Goodbye and was even produced into a movie featuring Rob Lowe.

Jennifer Corbin and her son

Dalton Corbin, 7, is the first to discover his mother's body still in her bed around 7:30am. Dalton proceeds across the street to the neighbor's house claiming that "my dad shot my mom." The dad being Bart Corbin, the husband and local dentist who has been secretly having various affairs for many years behind his wife's back.

Police found Jenn Corbin's crime scene suspicious as there were no traces of blood or gunpowder residue on the pistol she used to commit suicide. The position of the bullet wound entered the back of her head and behind her right ear, which is usually not how someone committing suicide would try to kill themselves.

Perhaps more suspicious than the manner of death was the position of the handgun (pictured above) resting under the comforter which would be an impossible placement postmortem. Also, divorce papers were found under Jennifer Corbin's body, which her husband had recently filed.

Jennifer did not know this, and it's no wonder why Bart never mentioned the fact that his previous girlfriend Dolly Hearn was killed while in her apartment. Her death was ruled "undetermined" like a suicide but later proved to be of malice intent.

It would be fifteen years before Dolly Hearn's parents received the justice deserved for her murder. Bart Corbin killed two women (perhaps a third as well) before confessing to his crimes in 2005 to be spared the death penalty. He is now serving the rest of his life behind bars.




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