The 6'3" Transgendered “Pink Giant” Stalked, Raped, And Murdered 5 Women

The 6'3" Transgendered “Pink Giant” Stalked, Raped, And Murdered 5 Women

The German Sex Slayer Wore “Bra and Knickers” During Murders

Wolfgang “Beate” Schmidt. Source.-

The large man’s hands began trembling. There were so many colors, fabrics, and styles: light-blue silk, gray laced, sexy black sheer panties, pink cotton, and even a g-string.

The thought of feeling this woman’s underwear excited him, and he became aroused when he crawled his large frame through the home’s side window. Just the thoughts of adding to his collection — to try on each pair, to soil himself while wearing them — excited him the most.

His fingers continued cautiously through her drawers, unaware that the owner, Edeltraud Nixdorf, 50, had arrived home early from her work shift. The woman knew something was off inside her apartment, but what it was, she didn’t know.

The small woman’s hands began trembling. She grabbed the first available weapon — a metal rake. Edeltraud was somewhat of a green thumb; her outside garden had become a spot of awe for some neighbors, and envy for others. Her trusted rake would serve as a good weapon; she was familiar with it. She wrapped her fingers around the handle, pointed the rake’s claws towards the noise coming from her bedroom, and prepared to defend her castle. Sadly, she had not expected her intruder to tower above her like the Goliath he was, and compared to her petite size, he was a giant. And unlike the Biblical David, Edeltraud never stood a chance.

Pink Giant “Der Rosa Riese”

It would take the police a few days to discover her rotting body sprawled on the living room floor. Her husband had been out of town when his wife’s killer — tabloids later dubbed the “Pink Giant” — entered his wife’s side window. Edeltraud had interrupted the man’s private time and he had punched and kicked her for it, knocking her to the floor as she drifted in and out of life.

He had dragged her unconscious body through her own house, grabbed the hammer from the utility drawer, and while mounting her, “hits her head so that the brain ruptured and the bones of the skull burst”, as the German news reported.

The killer went back to the woman’s panties drawer, frustrated about the interruption, but relieved that she wouldn’t bother him anymore; and when he finished what he was doing, he could relieve his sex fluids inside her; she wouldn’t be going anywhere, or be alive to mind it.

Asked why Wolfgang “Beate” Schmidt preferred raping the dead woman’s corpse, he replied in court, “I simply had to have the woman under my control. I wanted to force her to rest, in order not to lose what I already had in principle.”

Edeltraud Nixdorf’s husband would never learn what really happened to his wife. It was him that the police had grilled and accused, but, he had cherished his wife. Still police were convinced of his guilt. It wasn’t until a few months later when the pesticide he swallowed ate through his body, killing him, did they resume their search for the true killer. The Pink Giant would claim 4 more victims before they caught him.

Wolfgang Schmidt was only 7 when he discovered them: their colors, fabrics, and designs. Even in adulthood he perfectly recalled the overwhelmingly pleasant feeling that washed over him when he fingered through the delicates. Sure, they belonged to his mother, but he, even as a child, could appreciate them as if they were his.

He wore them; he looked good. He stuffed them back into his mom’s drawer before she got home. It became his secret routine, at least until at 9-years-old, when he was found out.


Wolfgang was a bad boy; the naughtiest. Wearing mommy’s panties wasn’t enough anymore. He was turning 10-years-old and he needed more. The tingling in his pants let him know it. He started to urinate while wearing them; he couldn’t hold it. Had he crossed a line? Would mommy know? He could always wash them by hand, he assured himself.

So, he pissed some more; in bliss from the initial warmness of the yellow liquid. He wanted to feel the same warmth, but on his bottom. He shit — completely soiling himself and his mother’s garments. Would mommy know now? Wouldn’t he want her to know? — he thought.

As a child, Wolfgang didn’t care about the beatings or the scoldings. The bruises from his father’s belts healed rather quickly. It was when the grown-ups had padlocked mother’s underwear away that the real problems began. Tantrums wouldn’t work, he would have to venture out and start collecting.

Photo by Artyom Kabajev on Unsplash

There were two spots that found useful for this: the forest where people illegally dump trash (and laundry), and the garbage dump. Edeltraud Nixdorf — Wolfgang’s fourth victim — was the only one not killed in either a garbage dump or the forest.


Tamara Petrovskaya continued to push her 3-month-old, unaware that he had been watching her. In the small village of Beelitz-Heilstätten, women like Tamara Petrovskaya worried about wildcats, European badgers, and wild boars — not, cross dressing men stalking them from a pine forest; perhaps, they should have.

It wasn’t ideal for Wolfgang Schmidt to kill in the village he was raised in, but she had encroached on his private time. He was there first, rummaging illegally dumped garbage — and dirty laundry (he would later tell the German court that during the attack he was wearing nothing but “knickers and a bra”.)

Sure, she didn’t spot him, nor would she have done anything other than flee if she had, but that didn’t matter to him. Plus, the giant had some sex juice to expel and the opportunity couldn’t have been any better — screams usually go unheard in the dense German forest.

Schmidt would later admit to killing Tamara although couldn’t provide many details due to his “selective memories”. He recalls that “she had something in her hand… a baby carriage, maybe”, but he doesn’t remember snatching the baby from it’s safety strap, wrapping his giant fingers around it’s ankle and smashing it on the side of an oak tree. Nor that Tamara — in utter horror — tried to “pull her baby’s dislocated corpse” from his powerful grip. But, that is what happened.

“Did you see the child,” the judge asked Wolfgang Schmidt. “No.”



“Not at all?”


Joggers found the woman’s body the next day, raped and discarded near the trash pile that Wolfgang had been rummaging through. The medical examiner determined that Tamara’s baby had died of “severe cranial injuries.”

Wolfgang “Beate” Schmidt now spends his time in the Brandenburg Prison for the Criminally Insane. In 2001, Wolfgang petitioned the court in hopes of being recognized as a female. With longer hair, and regular hormone treatments, Wolfgang Schmidt became Beate Schmidt.

Wolfgang “Beate” Schmidt. Source.

He doesn’t care about being called a monster, nor that he has ruined several families, including his own.

Wolfgang’s younger brother told German media, “He is disgusting. I still don’t understand how he killed those women and the baby. He has destroyed our family.” “Three potential employers wouldn’t hire me when they found out I was his brother. He’s very lucky to have been judged in Germany — in many other countries he would have been sentenced to death.”

What matters to him is that he has his panty collection, which he wears as he walks freely around the compound.