The Senseless & Brutal Murder Of 16 Year Old Benjamin Eastman

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Hey guys, this episode and blog post will discuss the senseless, cruel, and just plain evil murder of 16-year-old Benjamin Eastman iii from Randle, Washington.

Photo of Benjamin Eastman, 16

On June 24, 2018, Benjamin Eastman went missing and is officially reported to the Lewis County Police Office on June 27th.

On June 28 police find his body in a shallow grave during a search for the missing teen.

Eastman was last seen by his father as they were together playing Ben’s favorite video game Rocket League until around 3 AM (June 23) when they both went to bed.

Who goes camping at 3 in the morning??

The next morning Ben was gone; however, the father did not find this unusual due to his son being a sociable teenage kid.

Plus with a population of 1,700 in Randle, it was tough to imagine anything happening to such a small community.

Cell phone records showed that Ben received several calls from his childhood friend (since kindergarten) Benito “Benny” Marquez, who was also sixteen at the time.

Messages showed Benito inviting Benjamin to go camping, keep in mind this is around 3 am.

When questioned Benny tells Benjamin’s father and investigators that he did invite Benjamin camping, but he never showed up.

Did you really think detectives are this dumb?

On June 28th, 2 am according to the Facebook post, Benito Marquez posts a missing flyer of his friend on his wall urging anyone with information to contact Benjamin’s father.

Benito Marquez posted this missing child flyer on his Facebook wall. Reading the message carefully you will see that Benny refers to his missing childhood friend as “him” instead of his name, which according to Dr. Phil is a red flag.

Later that same day on June 28th, police releases a press release saying that they are currently searching for both 16-year-old Benito Marquez and his 21-year-old brother Jonathon Adamson.

Detectives claim that they received a tip about the shallow grave which leads them to a remote site belonging to Benito’s grandfather.

The tip leads them first to an empty grave, and when questioned about it, Benito claimed that it was for a dog that he was going to bury.

*This first grave will become important later in the story

Detectives kept searching and eventually did find another shallow grave containing the missing teenager Benjamin Eastman.

The shallow grave was covered up haphazardly and marked with sticks forming the shape of a cross.

No words can describe these Evil Brothers

Both Benito and his older brother Jonathon were arrested on June 29th, nearly 125 miles away as they were trying to leave the area.

Both brothers were initially charged in Eastman’s death and were facing identical charges including first-degree murder, first-degree rape, tampering with physical evidence and unlawful disposal of remains.


According to court documents, the brothers lured Benjamin Eastman into camping on June 24th intending to murder him

After knocking the boy on the ground, they kicked and threw stones at his head and body more than 100 times for a period of up to 45 minutes.

“We knew that he would not suspect that we were going to kill him and used that trust to our advantage,” says Adamson

At one point the boy breaks free and escapes to his assailant’s car, locking himself inside, but Adamson unlocks the vehicle, pulls him back on the ground and resumes beating him to his death.

Adamson then takes a box cutter which he uses to slice open Eastman’s back.

Next, the two brothers find a stick, and as Marquez holds the head and shoulders, Adamson pulls down the boy’s trousers and uses the stick to assault him sexually.

Next one of the brothers pick up a large stone and forces it down on Benjamin’s head assuring his death.

Then the brothers strip Eastman of his clothes, which they burn, and using a shovel that they brought for this purpose they bury Eastman’s remains.

The reason there was the first grave was that the brothers were worried that someone would come across the shallow grave, so they decided to relocate the body to Benito’s relative’s property.

If momma says so.

In a shocking twist of events, 43-year-old Kindra Adamson (the mother of both boys) is arrested on July 10th and charged in the 1st degree of rendering criminal assistance.

Knowing about the murder for several days, Kindra Adamson not only lied to detectives, but she delayed the police which allowed her sons to flee the area.

The mother, Kindra Adamson was arrested for helping her sons flee the area and lying to detectives.

Kindra pleads not guilty but later changes her plea to guilty.

Most shockingly, the mother was there when her boys were burning Eastman’s clothes, and she instructed them to relocate the body to the second location.

The mother faced a maximum of 20 years in prison, but she took a plea bargain agreeing to testify against her sons.

She received 14 months in prison. (do you think this is a fair sentence? comment below)

Should I tell my fiancee??

On July 11th, Jonathon Adamson’s fiancee, Emma Brown was also charged with two counts of rendering criminal assistance.

The fiancee of Jonathon, Emma Brown, was also arrested or rendering criminal assistance.

By noontime on July 13th, Jonathon’s fiancee, Emma Brown, makes bail and is released back home to care for her baby.

Benjamin’s father talks to Dr. Phil.

So initially I was going to put these interviews in the podcast episode, but I then remembered that I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that, and I don’t want to be sued.

So here they are embedded on Talk murder:

Have fun in prison boys.

On Feb. 22 Benito was expected to plead guilty, which he changed from his initial not guilty plea and agreed to be a witness at his older brother’s trial.

The reason he did this was to use the Miller-fix, and according to a post from the Washington Defender Association, essentially mandates that a juvenile receives a 25-year sentence for an aggravated murder conviction – “with an opportunity for release after serving the minimum 25-year sentence.”

Jonathon Adamson was also expected to plead guilty but later changed his mind.

Benito, now 17 years old was sentenced to 413 months, just over 34 years, in prison. However, he can apply for an early release after 20 years, because he was a minor at the time of the murder.

On February 28th, 2019 Jonathon Adamson pleads not guilty to new charges brought against him including first-degree aggravated murder, first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape, first-degree assault, first-degree rendering criminal assistance, tampering with physical evidence, unlawful disposal of remains and two counts of tampering with a witness.

Something positive to end this episode?

Okay, I have three small positive things, even though they are nowhere in comparison to the horrible murder of Benjamin Eastman, but here they are.

The Miami Dolphins honored the family (Benjamin was a huge fan) with a signed helmet and presented to his father.

Benjamin’s school also dedicated his old locker as a memorial for him as well, which in my opinion was pretty rad.

Lastly, if you want to support the family in this awful time, please donate on their GoFundMe page here.

Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts below!

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    • Some of the family on Benito’s fb page tried to speculate about Ben doing something to their sister but was proved he didn’t-I believe he had broken up with her and that may have made them mad. Ben was well loved by everyone. Although  one of the brother’s dads had a history of assault and rape of a minor -so some people thought that maybe the brothers were messed with when they were younger. 

      • I couldn’t find Benito’s FB page because it was already removed. There has to be some explanation of how they could act that ‘barbaric’. Child abuse from their father does seem plausible. You were right Shannon this case was fuuuuuuucked..

    • Super interesting theory, I agree some sort of revenge kind of feels like the only thing that makes some sort of sense with that story… bonkers. Thank you for the additional insider info Shannon! It really helps hearing what the locals are saying about the case and what could be dug up from social media.

  • Maybe benjamjn broke up with their sister because he was gay. And the brothers got so worked up about him being gay? Some people can do beastly things out of hate

  • The mother did not receive 14 months, she served less than 2 months and if she cooperates with her plea, she will see no more jail time.

  • These perpetrators are disgusting! Their butts need to be under the jail. I’d have a hard time not exacting justice once they are released if I was Ben’s family. The laws in Washington need to be changed. Essentially a teenage can commit a horrendous evil crime & be free to live his life at 37 w/ problem a free college degree. Ridiculous!

  • I’ll say this, I believe I heard or read that the boys made it very clear that their sister was off limits. As if friend or not your not to like her, date her, touch her. IF the boys had a rough upbringing and were messed with (maybe the sister was too) and that made them very protective of her. Maybe Ben really liked her and they found out that Ben and the sister had something going on and it upset them, or maybe Ben was liking her and then stopped. And they didn’t like the fact that Ben hurt her feelings… BUT in NO way is any of that an excuse for this disgusting crime, ESPECIALLY since they were friends with Benjamin since KINDERGARTEN!! I don’t believe in any way that Benjamin was gay or that he tried to hurt their sister in a sexual way or anything. What’s even more sickening is the mother being involved KNOWING what they did and tried to help them get away. Taking his life would have been bad enough, but the details that go along with it is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!! And if the report got it right that he was still alive when they raped him.. how horrible. I mean literally can even imagine what that sweet boy went thru. It sickens my stomach. I hope and pray the boys NEVER get out and I feel like the mother should have gotten more time for her part in all this.

  • I can’t help noticing that in many of the pictures of poor Ben, he is flashing hand signs of some sort. At least 2 different signs. Does anyone know what these signs mean? Are they gang signs?

  • some of these comment’s are so out of line, I can not believe that you have the ball’s to make every excuse for them to commit such a sick evil act to ben,he did not deserve any of those thing’s done to him if he did something to their sister than they should have told the police, and if they were abused they should have told , you don’t go and beat, rape, and kill your friend.they deserve the death penalty.they are evil, and they should pay dearly for what they did I did not know ben i knew his father when he was a boy. i am so sorry his Beautiful boy was taken from him and his family,.and shame on their mother for her helping them some kind of family there!!! she should spend more time in prison, what the hell goes through peoples head to think this is ok. I believe they will burn in hell!

  • What a disgusting story. The poor father and rest of his family have to cope with this. In essence his poor son was murdered by animals. That is the most cruel murder I have ever heard of on so many levels. I have read where the father initially wanted vengeance, but later relented to peace. Which is good for himself and family to heal. Those boys were both psychopaths. From what I gathered they did this bc Ben has sent Benny’s ex girlfriend a picture with his shirt off. I ask and pray that those two mf’ers get beaten and raped in prison every day.

  • The sentences were not long enough at all. If you do the crime, then you should do the time (the maximum, no sentence reductions for ‘gpod behaviour’.

  • The entire family INCLUDING the fiancé belong in jail for life. These are the pieces of trash that ruin and plague our world. Low life scum that think taking an innocent kids life is ok need to be locked away forever or put down like rabid dogs. This whole story makes me sick. If this was done to my kid, id be waiting for each one of those pieces of crap to get out of jail and I would take them out the same way they did to the son. And for ever ignorant person making excuses for these pieces of shit, you need a swift kick in the teeth!

  • Omg. What is wrong with people? This is so sad.that poor boy.. that poor father..I pray he finds peace knowing his son is in heaven

  • This story is absolutely heartbreaking. That poor father will forever live with the thought that he should’ve stayed up playing playstation with his son. Trust that there’s nothing he could’ve done. I think those boys were determined to hurt poor B.J. to the point that if didn’t happen that night they would have caught him at another time. And to do this over a girl? Like seriously? Even if it was their sister… mano y mano… no jumping the poor kid and raping him with a stick. What was the purpose of that? Sick, psychotic children right there!! Who thinks to do that crap. I pray for his family to have peace. I can’t imagine that happening to my sons. I’m “THAT” mom that would resort to returning the exact act back on the person. (Eye for an eye should be introduced into laws) So in this case, I pray that those boys get a taste of their own medicine in jail. That would be comforting for B.J.’s dad… if they’re not getting the death penalty and are given the opportunity to eventually get out..until then let them experience extreme pain and humiliation every day they are locked up… let them sit in their closet sized room and constantly be reminded of their act. That’s not something you can wipe from your memory.

    Bless your heart B.J… God truly has an Angel in his presence. I don’t know you but I will NEVER forget you.

    Sorry for the novel…but I’m literally sick to my stomach over crap like this that happens around the world… evil comes in several different forms and obviously in any age!

  • How horrific, friends for all those years and then killed him.makes no sence
    Poor child suffered immensely

    Another really odd thing I saw on the video with the father talking to doctor Phil,
    The father had his hands in pyramid position
    During interview ,
    Well known freemason sign.

    Prayers for the father
    Sorry for your Loss
    R.I.P BEN

  • Why does the innocent victim get life and their filthy murderers a chance at freedom? It is sick! I would be waiting for those monsters when they get out if that were my kid.

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