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Bianca Devins Murdered via Instagram

“I’m Sorry Bianca”

Wow, this story is seriously f*cked. Over this weekend (Saturday) a girl named Bianca Michelle Devins was murdered by a psycho “ex-boyfriend.

Her throat was “cut deeply” and the gory photos were posted on various social media sites.

“Well, I shouldn’t say ex-boyfriend, and according to @bebestgf (a close friend of hers) claims that she just thought of him as a friend.

Here is a tweet from Bianca’s internet friend.

Here is an interview with one of Bianca’s online friends.


This is a post from Bianca’s sister explaining that her killer was a close family friend.


According to the interview above, Bianca was immature because she was traumatized when she was younger.

Here is a post I found from an anonymous poster so I can not attest to its validity.

Bianca was known to be quite promiscuous, and Brandon may have been extremely jealous over her.

This is a conversation believed to be between Bianca and Brandon.


Brandon Andrew Clark (also known as Brandon Kuwaliski) is a 21-year-old from New York.

On July 14, hours before he killed Bianca, Brandon posted suicide plans on social media. According to the Utica Police Department, Brandon was taken into custody amidst his suicide attempt.

Bianca’s last known location before her death was at a small concert of a relatively unknown artist.

Brandon Clark found out that Bianca was at the show, so he drove to meet her there and documented everything on Instagram under the name @yesjuliet.

Upon arrival, Brandon pulled Bianca away from the concert, talking to her one last time ( I do not know about what ) before he cut deeply into her throat.

He then moved her body from the murder site to his Ford Explorer and took two photos, one for his Instagram story with the caption, “I’m sorry Bianca.”


Police were alerted to the location of the body from one of Bianca’s online friends using Snapmaps.

Brandon tried to kill himself with a knife in his throat before police arrived, but he was unsuccessful in his attempts.

However, he did have time to post about it on social media.


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  • This is so fucked up.

    The post about promiscuousness and turning into whore and sexual fantasies is irrelevant. No one deserves to be stalked and killed. Women being sexually active is viewed as wrong by society and that’s wrong. And most people have fantasies that aren’t classed as “normal” by society (whether they actually ever follow through on them or not). (Here’s a list of the top ten fantasies that women have, rape comes in #3- )

    I am sorry if this is an overreaction, but I am a sex positive person and just hate seeing shit like this, especially when used as an excuse or reason why something terrible is perpetuated by a rejected male.

  • Grace, thanks for the comment. I saw a lot of trash talk about her on the forums, but I wasn’t sure I should post any of it. I can remove that photo about her being promiscuous, I just felt that it may help give some sort of motive. This situation is so awful, and I literally can’t understand how even decided to carry this out. I am really interested in seeing how they will convict this guy. My best guess is that he pleads insanity and ends up in a mental institution.

  • Yeah, I’m guessing most lawyers would try to get him to plead insanity.

    As for removing the photo, I didn’t mean to push for it. As I was looking into the case I found a lot of people sharing it (and another that was similarly written) and using those reasons as an excuse. I guess I mean the reaction was more problematic to me than those posts. It was just upsetting.

    • Oh no worries! I am editing the episode today and will hopefully have it on the forum tonight. It’s going to be a Talko Exclusive so only y’all amazing people will be able to listen to it.

      We ❤️ all you guys!

      • john, please delete the photos of bianca’s body off this article. the family has stated to stop posting the photos online and has asked so many times to stop. please delete this. i understand wanting to report on the full thing, but its extremely disrespectful.

  • @John

    Either the post I shared was edited or I shared the wrong link. At the time I posted, I found more than one site that cited rape fantasies as in the top 10 female fantasies. That’s why I shared it, at that time. Thanks for sharing? But as I previously stated in my post, many people have fantasies that others may not view as “normal”- there’s a ton of sites, organizations, businesses where people pay to have these fantasies fulfilled anonymously (via webcam or phone or online) etc that support this.

    Kink-shaming isn’t cool, even if it’s not your thing. And somebodies fantasies don’t make them a “whore” or a “deviant” if they’re safe, sane, consensual (meaning between consenting adults). That was my main point…..having rape fantasies-if the victim even had them, she is no longer here to defend herself-, or enjoying safe consensual sex with willing partners, etc. doesn’t make her a “whore” or deserving  of being publicly shamed or being disrespected…as the one post shared was an example of this against the VICTIM of this crime. That attitude is very sex-negative and misogynistic. And disgusting, when used as an excuse for what happened to her.

    Just FYI, from Psychology Today:

    “The results of the study, (which also explored other sexual and aggressive fantasies, self esteem, attitudes to sex and other personality testing) are that 52% of the women had fantasies about forced sex by a man: 32% had fantasies about being raped by a man: 28% – forced oral sex by a man: 16% – forced anal sex: 24% – incapacitated: 17% – forced sex by a woman: 9% – raped by a woman: 9% – forced oral sex by a woman. Overall, 62% reported having had at least one of these fantasies.

    The team of researchers lead by Dr Jenny Bivona, based at the University of North Texas found that overall, 62% of participants reported having a rape fantasy of some type.

    Of the women who reported having the most common rape fantasy rape fantasy, ”being overpowered or forced by a man to surrender sexually against my will,” 40% had it at least once a month and 20% had it at least once a week. The authors conclude these results indicate rape fantasies play a significant role in the sexual fantasy lives of many women.”

  • As a ForAnthro. I have seen some AWFUL stuff but this one will be with me forever. But the fact that this IDIOT pleaded not guilty????!? And they’re only attempting 2nd degree because 1st degree is premeditated???? He had the knife…. had sent her locations for murder:suicides (because she was into that kinda thing dark stuff)…. he had a TARP…. messaged her mother…. posted everything on Instagram OH AND his dad did the exact same thing with the EXACT same knife?! Like what on earth!

  • It’s terrifying because any ‘e-girl’ could be in danger now — copycat killers never go away.

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