Who is “Bitter Creek Betty”?

Bitter Creek Betty was found at the bottom of a slope of an Interstate 80 turnout known as “Bitter Creek” in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. Police have not been able to identify her true identity or bring her killer to justice. Do you know who Bitter Creek Betty is?
Casper Star Tribune Mar 10, 1992
Trash in the snow

On March 1, 1992, Barbara Leverton, a truck driver, pulled over into a lay-by at Bitter Creek in Sweetwater County, Wyoming to switch her rig’s fuel tanks. She was 40 miles east of Rock Springs and still had a long haul ahead. Her still steaming coffee cup had helped to warm her hands. The weather was still bitterly cold, although much of the usual Wyoming snow had already melted. Looking down at the bottom of a snowy embankment, Leverton noticed what she at first thought were garbage bags that some litter bug, perhaps another trucker, had thrown out. Now peeved, but not enough to clean up another person’s mess, she walked towards the pile. As she came closer, she realized that this was no garbage dump site; laying nude, covered in snow, was the body of a woman.

Little evidence, big investigation

Police had little evidence to go by, but luckily the face of “Bitter Creek Betty” as we now know her, was well preserved thanks to the snowy winter. Hispanic, 24 to 32 years-old, 5 foot 8 inches, between 125-130 pounds with dark brown (or black) collar length hair is what their fliers read. An artist’s rendition of Bitter Creek Betty not only gives a more accurate description of the victim but also brings her a bit of the dignity that her killer stripped away from her.

Mrs. Bitter Creek Betty perhaps?
Betty was also wearing a gold-colored necklace, which seemed to match a gold-colored ring on her left finger. Police are not entirely sure if this was a wedding ring or not, but her autopsy showed that she had a “prominent Caesarian scar” on her abdomen. Most revealing and helpful to the still open, yet unsolved, investigation was the unique tattoo of a rose displayed on Betty’s right breast. Tattoos like these could be great identification tools to anyone who may recognize seeing it previously.

Bitter, bleak murder.

Police surmise that Betty’s killer dumped her between mid-October 1991 and late February 1992, and her murder was painful but quick. She was most likely murdered in another location before being dumped. The autopsy shows that she died “within seconds” of being stabbed through the left nostril with an ice pick or similar “probe-like instrument” that penetrated her sphenoid bone. Although police have circulated Betty’s Jane Doe flier to every “visual media outlet” in the United States and have “exhausted not all but most opinions” her murder remains unsolved.

If you have any information on who Bitter Creek Betty is please help her become identified by calling the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 922-5300; agency case number 92-0763.





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