The Haunting of 803 Poppets Way: Unveiling the Ghostly Echoes of the Black Hope Cemetery

Dive into the eerie world of 803 Poppets Way, famed for its chilling hauntings and ghostly encounters. This comprehensive guide unravels the legends, stories, and spooky phenomena reported at this notorious location.

The Haunting of 803 Poppets Way: Unveiling the Ghostly Echoes of the Black Hope Cemetery

In the quaint, picturesque streets of an exclusive neighborhood, 803 Poppets Way stood as a beacon of suburban dreams. It was here that Ben and Jean Williams, approaching retirement, decided to build their new home, drawn in by the charm of a beautiful old oak tree. Little did they know, their dream home was perched on a forgotten chapter of history, one that resonates with the echoes of the Black Hope Cemetery.

The Allure of a Dream Home

Ben and Jean Williams, with their aspirations of a tranquil life, were captivated by the allure of 803 Poppets Way. The property, located in an upscale neighborhood, boasted a majestic oak tree with curious markings, a feature that particularly fascinated Jean. She envisioned mornings spent gazing at the tree over coffee, a serene start to her days. However, their idyllic beginning was marred by an unexpected plummet in property value - a staggering 70% drop in five years. This was but a prelude to a series of inexplicable events that would soon unfold.

Early Signs of the Paranormal

As the Williams family settled in, the house's eerie nature began to reveal itself. Jean frequently felt an unshakable coldness and a persistent sensation of being watched, especially from the backyard where the oak tree stood. Despite the house being a new construction, complete with untouched appliances, strange occurrences like self-flushing toilets became a common anomaly. These early signs, though subtle, were the harbingers of a deeper, more unsettling mystery.

Jean and Ben Williams

The Mystery of the Old Oak Tree

The oak tree, with its strange markings, soon became the epicenter of the family’s paranormal experiences. Jean’s fascination turned to unease as a flock of pitch-black crows, with eyes as dark as the night, began congregating around the tree. It wasn't just the birds; the tree seemed to exert an inexplicable influence over the property, a silent witness to the unfolding eerie events.

Descending Into Fear

The family's experiences escalated from mere oddities to terrifying encounters. Jean’s beloved garden, where nothing seemed to survive, became a stage for disturbing avian displays, with crows shrieking ominously. The atmosphere at home grew heavy with dread, affecting not just Jean and Ben but also their daughters – Tina, Jennifer, and Tootie. The household plunged into a state of despair, inexplicably enveloped by a depressive aura.

Uncovering the Truth: Black Hope Cemetery

The true horror of 803 Poppets Way was unearthed when the neighboring Hanleys, while excavating their yard for a pool, stumbled upon human remains. It was revealed that their homes were built over the Black Hope Cemetery, an unmarked burial ground for former slaves. Jasper Norton, an elderly man who helped bury bodies in his youth, confirmed that at least 60 souls were interred beneath their homes. This discovery provided a chilling context to the Williams family’s haunting, linking their experiences to the disturbed peace of those laid to rest beneath their house.

The Aftermath and Legacy

Confronted with the grim reality of their home’s foundation, the Williams and their neighbors faced a moral and emotional quandary. Their once-beloved homes were now sites of historical significance and spiritual unrest. The Williamses, along with many neighbors, eventually abandoned their homes, unable to cope with the supernatural occurrences and the emotional toll of living above a cemetery. Their story serves as a stark reminder of the past’s ability to imprint itself on the present, a spectral legacy etched into the very land they called home.


The haunting of 803 Poppets Way is more than a ghost story; it's a poignant narrative about respect for history and the unseen forces that shape our lives. As the Williams family learned, sometimes the foundations of our dreams are laid upon the memories of the past, demanding recognition and reverence. Their experience at Poppets Way stands as a testament to the enduring power of history and the unbreakable bond between the past and the present.