Cheating Mother, Brandi Worley, Stabs Her Kids With Combat Knife So Husband Can't Take Them

Cheating Mother, Brandi Worley, Stabs Her Kids With Combat Knife So Husband Can't Take Them

Brandi Worley is an American woman from Darlington, Indiana who brutally murdered both of her children, Tyler Danily Clinton, 7, and Charlee Rose Jean, 3, after her husband had filed for divorce. Brandi was cheating on her husband, Jason Worley, with their neighbor, the entirety of the drama played out via a Reddit thread.

The 911 Call

Try to imagine yourself as this 911 operator.

Operator - “911, where is your emergency?”
Brandi Worley - 203 S. Madison Street [Darlington]”
Operator - “And what’s going on there?”
Brandi Worley - “I just stabbed myself and killed my two children.”

On November 17, 2016, around 4am, a call comes into the 911 dispatch center. The caller is completely emotionless and tells the operator that she just stabbed herself in the neck after killing her two children.

“There’s Blood Everywhere.”

The woman on the other end of the line is Brandi Worley and her husband Jason is still asleep in the home completely unaware that his two small children are now deceased.

Jason woke up (he was sleeping in the basement) around 4am to the screams of his children from inside the house. When Jason went upstairs, he saw his ex-mother-in-law hysterically crying in the kitchen.

When Jason confronted his wife, she told him: “Now you can’t take my children from me.”

Both Tyler Worley, 7, and his sister Charlee, 3 were stabbed to death by their mother because she said: “my wanted a divorce and wanted to take my kids. And I don’t want him to have my kids.”

Both children were deceased when deputies arrived at the Worley home.

Brandi Worley had also stabbed herself in the neck and was transported to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for emergency care.

Deep Wounds

Tyler, age 7, was a “hoot” according to his summer Christian Church camp pastor Seth Stultz, who described the boy’s outgoing, fun and always happy nature.

Jason Worley said about his son:

“Tyler could walk into a room with 20 strangers and come out with 20 friends.”

Tyler was born 10 weeks premature, which sparked Brandi and Jason (in happier times) to make a promise of “the children would always come first before each other or our marriage.”

His mother stabbed Tyler first.

Charlee Worley was only 3-years-old and, according to Jason, “was a big ball of attitude. She loved getting dressed up and wouldn’t leave the house without braids or a bow in her hair.

Charlee was killed after Tyler, and after she asked her mother why her brother was screaming.

Both children suffered “3 deep stab wounds to the neck”, and Tyler had an additional superficial wound as well. The murder took place in Charlee’s room. Brandi had told Tyler to have a “sleepover” in his sister’s room so that she could have both the kids together for the murders.

r/ Infeldelities

If it wasn’t for the tragic situation that later unfolded, the drama between Jason Worley and his wife Brandi would make a compelling Showtime drama.

I will recap the important parts here, but feel free to read the entire screenshot.

Jason Worley takes to Reddit writing:

“It has been 476 days since I confronted her about it, how do I know? Because every time I catch myself thinking about it I tell myself, “It’s only been X days, may you won’t think about it tomorrow.”

Jason describes his wife having an affair with their neighbor. She would brazenly text the neighbor in front of her husband and even send him Snapchat videos of herself masturbating while her kids were playing with the neighbors’ sons.

One text read, “I am covered in frosting, you wanna lick it off?”

“I am covered in frosting, you wanna lick it off?”

Jason writes on a Reddit thread: “It is at this point that my wife starts texting him. She is describing sex acts she would like to perform with him and he is reciprocating.”

“She tells him to check his snapchat and at the same time I get a snapchat from her too and it is her fingering herself in a bathroom stall.”

She Used a Combat Knife

Jason Worley filed for divorce on November 15 after describing his wife’s infidelities on Redditt’s Relationship Advice column. Most responses about his marriage woes encouraged the confused father to file for divorce and try to get custody of the children.

Brandi Worley had other plans.

The family attended a dance program for Charlee the night of the murder and after that; they went out to dinner.

This is when Brandi told her husband that she needed to go to Walmart to buy pipe cleaners for Tyler’s school project.

I’m not sure if Brandi bought the pipe cleaners, but we know that she purchased a Ka-Bar hunting and a combat knife.

Not only does buying the knife show premeditation of the murders, but also how disturbed Brandi is in wanting to use such a brutal knife to kill her two children.

According to the police report: “The family played on a murphy bed before Jason bathed the kids and got them ready for bed. Jason said, “I told them that ‘I love you and I’ll see you in the morning.”

And then Jason headed to the basement to get some sleep.

Darkness Penetrates Our Hearts

Brandi Worley is in prison and she will die there. During her sentencing Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Harry Siamas sat quietly for several minutes before saying: “Darkness is in this world, and it penetrates our minds and our hearts.”

Brandi is serving two consecutive counts of murder totaling 120 years.