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Brandon Grossheim provided “step-by-step” on how to commit suicide; Claimed five victims.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]THE FRAT BRO VERSION OF MICHELLE CARTER[/su_highlight]

Brandon Grossheim, a former frat bro from Truman State University, is being sued and accused of encouraging five people to commit suicide from 2016-2017.

The parents of deceased Joshua Thomas, 18 and Alex Mullins, 21 claims Grossheim provided “step-by-step” instructions on how to commit suicide.

Both Mullins and Thomas are believed to have died by self-hanging in his dorm room of the AKL fraternity house.

The lawsuit also claims that Grossheim has three other victims that he coached into suicide. Each of the five victims was close friends with Grossheim, they were in the same fraternity, and he was the last to see them alive. Each victim had suicidal ideation and expressed thoughts of depression. The fifth victim, a female in her twenties, has not been identified by police.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]GROSSHEIM’S ‘GROSS’ OBSESSION WITH DEATH[/su_highlight]

This guy has an obsession with dead bodies and portrayed himself as a “superhero” around campus by offering free counseling.

He even referred to himself as a “peacemaker.”

Other frat bros told police that Grossheim has a “fascination with death” according to the lawsuit.

He also started wearing the clothes and dating the girlfriend of one of the deceased boys.

Here’s what I want to know – who the fuck is a girl that was cool with this asshole wearing her dead boyfriend’s clothes and sleeping with her?

This ass-hat even posted a memorial post on his Facebook.

The lawsuit also claims that Grossheim was spotted with a large number of drugs and stolen case from one of the men’s dorm rooms.

The lawsuit also states that Grossheim found his grandmother’s body following her death when he was a young kid, so maybe that plays some role.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]MAYBE THIS WAS A STAGED MURDER??[/su_highlight]

According to the lawsuit, Grossheim was the last person to see the victims, and he “handled the body” of some of the boys before the police arrived.

What y’all think out there??

Here’s Brandon Grossheim’s Facebook account

Here’s the lawsuit

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