The Gruesome Murder of Warren Barnes: The Disturbing Case of Brian Cohee Jr.

The Gruesome Murder of Warren Barnes: The Disturbing Case of Brian Cohee Jr.
“I wanted to see what her head would look like on a stick” — Brian Cohee Jr. police interview.

A Shocking Discovery

On Monday, March 1, 2021, at approximately 1:48 p.m., the Grand Junction Police Department received a chilling call from a mother who had discovered what appeared to be human remains inside a plastic bag at her residence. The grisly find led investigators to the area of Crosby Avenue and Hwy 340, where they uncovered evidence of a brutal murder that had taken place just days earlier on February 27.

The Suspect: Brian Cohee II


The suspect, 19-year-old Brian Cohee II, was taken into custody and chargedwith first-degree murder, tampering with a deceased human body, and tampering with physical evidence. According to his mother, Cohee had struggled with mental health issues since the age of 14, displaying disturbing behaviors such as constantly licking shoes, chewing on his fingers and toes, and idolizing notorious figures like Hitler, Stalin, and the Columbine shooters.

The Victim: Warren Barnes

The victim was identified as 69-year-old Warren Barnes, whose cause of death was determined to be a fractured skull and brain damage… continue reading...

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