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The Head-Scratching Disappearance of Brittanee Drexel

Brittanee Drexel’s Myrtle Beach Vacation

Brittanee Drexel was a bright and beautiful young woman who was living a seemingly average life. Like most other seventeen-year-olds, she was most interested in her friends and her boyfriend at the time. She wanted to live a life worth living, one filled with fashion, adventure, and a ton of fun. Ever the center of attention, Brittanee was popular and always looking to chase down some new form of excitement. It was this that led her on the vacation where she would ultimately go missing.

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Facing Hardships

Brittanee was known for her love of her family and friends. She always brought a happy smile to any situation and was ready to make the most of her life, despite the fact that it hadn’t always gone perfectly. Growing up, Brittanee had an eye condition that made her blind in one eye. She faced many surgeries that were unsuccessful but ultimately made peace with it in her own way. However, when her loving parents split, she was a bit torn. According to Brittanee’s father, she was known to be depressed from time to time, and their split seemed to really exacerbate it. Some point to this as evidence of what made her act out.

The Vacation

There were a few things that Brittanee wanted to run away from back home, and going on a vacation seemed like the perfect way to do just that. Her friends and her boyfriend were all set to go to Myrtle Beach, and Brittanee was dead set on joining them. Unfortunately, her mother did not share her same enthusiasm. Brittanee’s mother did not know these new friends well, and she also recognized that there would not be any adults present to monitor her underage daughter. Brittanee was told that she would not be attending the vacation. It went about as well as expected.

Brittanee and her mother fought over this decision relentlessly. Ultimately, her mother revealed that she had a bad feeling about Brittanee going. It was something that she could not explain, but she felt confident that Brittanee would not be safe on the trip. After two days of fighting, Brittanee asked if she could stay with a friend to cool off instead and her mother relented, eager to get some peace. Unfortunately, this would be the last that she would ever see of her daughter.

In true teenage style, Brittanee had lied. She promised to stay with a friend, but immediately left for Myrtle Beach with her friends. On the trip, Brittanee spent time having fun with her friends. Her boyfriend had ended up stuck back home for work, leaving Brittanee to run around with the rest of the group. She spent time at the hotel, enjoyed time at the beach, and even dropped by another hotel to visit a friend who was staying nearby.

Brittanee Is Gone

Brittanee was keeping constant communication with her boyfriend, which is how he knew that something was wrong rather quickly. After leaving her friend’s hotel, she simply stopped responding. Her boyfriend repeatedly tried to contact her and quickly turned to her friends to see if anyone knew where she was. It became apparent that something was wrong when Brittanee never turned up. Her friends reached out to her mother, and the investigation began immediately. Brittanee was officially missing.

Police began to search for her, obtaining footage that gave them a timeline of her last actions. They were also able to trace her phone and learned that it had traveled nearly thirty miles away before completely vanishing. Whether it was simply turned off or broken, it isn’t clear.

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The Aspiring Model

According to her mother, Brittanee had high hopes of becoming a model. For this reason, her mother holds tight to the theory that Brittanee has been human trafficked. Like many other young girls, Brittanee wanted to find her way into the spotlight. She was a beautiful young woman who had dreams of making it big, and that is what her mother thinks someone decided to capitalize on. She believes that someone offered her daughter a modeling gig or connection, and then abducted her.

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An Ongoing Investigation

No further evidence has been found to help police in the solving of this case. There was one criminal who claimed to have seen her at a house, but it has yet to be confirmed. According to this witness, Brittanee was being sexually abused and was also beaten for attempting to escape. However, these accusations were never proven, leaving many wondering if it was mistaken identity or simply someone trying to lie for the fame of the case.


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