The Gruesome Murder of Betty Gore By The Desperate Housewife Candy Montgomery

In the older days, there wasn’t much opportunity for women unless they made it themselves. Candy Montgomery, charged killer, started out her life as a woman with a job—but she always knew that it would eventually end as a mother. In her mind, like many other women, her job was just something to keep her on track until she found the love of her life. Eventually, she did. So, how did she end up being accused of killing another man’s wife? In this post, we are going to breakdown the murder Candy Montgomery committed—and how she got away with it.

A Bored Housewife
Even though Candy Montgomery got everything that she said she wanted, none of it appeared to be enough. Sure, she had a nice house. Her husband had a good job. She even had a beautiful daughter that was adored by those around her. On the surface, her
life was perfect. But with enough time, Montgomery decided that it wasn’t enough. She wanted more, a chance to have a thrill once in a while. Soon, she found the solution: Allan Gore.

A Casual Affair
According to Montgomery, she and Allan Gore agreed to a relaxed and noncommittal affair. The two would meet during the day, sometimes enjoying a bit of a stay-at-home date before they did what they intended to do—and this served them well for some time. It
was supposed to be cool and casual, and eventually, it ended. The reports claim that the ending was agreed upon, but some believe that it was a less than consensual conclusion that brought the affair to an end.

My Wife’s Been Killed
One day, Allan Gore left for a business trip. When he arrived, he attempted to contact his wife, but she didn’t answer. Gore began to call around, asking those he could confide in to check in on her. This included Candy Montgomery, a friend of Betty’s, who claimed she had seen her that morning
and she was fine. Eventually, neighbors learned that the door was unlocked—and when they found Betty, she was nearly unrecognizable after being violently beaten with an ax. Betty Gore was dead, but who could have done it?

Betty Gore Knows The Truth
By all accounts, Betty Gore was a casual woman who lost her spark after her first child. She seemed relatively unhappy with her life, though she couldn’t quite explain why. At the time, she was simply handed off a prescription
and told to make peace with her life, but what if she learned about what her husband was doing with her friend, Candy Montgomery, behind closed doors?

To this day, no one knows if Betty Gore actually found out about Candy and Allan. But, according to Montgomery, she did. It was this, she claimed, that caused Betty Gore to attack her when she dropped by the house one faithful day. By then, the affair
was over and no one was supposed to know. But, Candy claims that Betty did know and confronted her violently when she stopped by.

So, naturally, Candy had to kill her.

The Court Case
Despite quite a bit of circumstantial evidence, Candy Montgomery was charged, but not convicted, for the murder of Betty Gore. The court seemed to believe her when she claimed that she murdered Betty in self-defense, but she didn’t convince everyone. Many people believe that Montgomery
killed Betty Gore in cold blood, violently bludgeoning her to death with an ax without a second thought. But, it didn’t matter. Candy Montgomery was free to walk despite claims that she had murdered an innocent woman.

The End of The Story
Like many other killers who are believed to have gotten away with it, Candy Montgomery moved away. She changed her name and began to build an expansive career in the field of psychology. In a most disturbing twist, this supposed killer now spends her time caring for disturbed children
and helping them to do better.

But, people still wonder. What really happened between Candy and Betty? Did Betty actually find out and confront Candy, or did Candy simply get bored again and chase down a new thrill? Was she secretly jealous of Betty after Allan Gore dumped her? Unfortunately, the rest of us will never know the truth. The only two people who know what happened are
Betty and Candy—and only one of them is around to tell the tale. Still, it makes you wonder what happened and who the victim really is.

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