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129 | Grave Affair

Whoa what a fascinating story this is! A story of true love. No no, a story of true Undying Love. I want to know what you guys think about this one for real.


Elena Milargro Hoyos Mesa was a 22-year-old wife and Cuban immigrant living in Key West, Florida. Elena contracted a fatal case of tuberculosis and she was given on a few months of life left when she met Dr. Carl Tanzler.

Count Carl Tanzler von Cosel at his building on Flagler Av. C 1940. From the DeWolfe and Wood Collection in the Otto Hirzel Scrapbook.

Elena didn’t always look so well kept.

Count Carl Tanzler von Cosel laboratory near the end of Flagler Avenue C 1940. From the DeWolfe and Wood Collection in the Otto Hirzel Scrapbook.
Carl Tanzler (von Cosel) left with Louis Harris center and Dr. Julio dePoo standing. Masn in back unknown. Photo from the Monroe County Library Collection.
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Jon Perry

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  • Sooo I totally meant to comment on this episode not the other one lol wrong carl. But I am seriously laughing out loud so hard in my mail truck and people probably think I’m crazy but Jen that accent is hilarious! I love listening to yall while I’m working all day. Awesome podcast

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