“Dude, I Just Killed Cassie”

On September 22, 2006 Cassie Jo Stoddart was house sitting at her aunt and uncle’s remote home on Whispering Cliffs. Cassie Jo Stoddart by all accounts a motivated and driven 16-year-old who was determined kind to others and had an artistic talent.

Little did anyone know that two of her classroom peers were planning to kill both her and her boyfriend Matthew Beckham by acting out a horror-fantasy similar to the movie Scream Cassie was stabbed 30 times by two separate knives (one serrated and the other plain), her deceased body remained on the floor until she was discovered by her 13-year-old cousin.

The two killers, Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik were charged with Cassie Jo’s murder and sentenced to life in prison. Police soon learned that the boys were friends with Cassie and her boyfriend Matthew Beckham (their other potential victim). These boys wanted to film their own horror movie similar to Scream and did so by filming the days prior to Cassie Jo’s Murder.

The evidence found buried sealed the boys fate as the DNA was perfect matches for both killer. Stick matches. A pair of black boots. A pair of blue rubber gloves. A pair of Athletics Works brand fingerless gloves. A melted brown hydrogen peroxide bottle.

  1. A multi-colored mask.
  2. A large dagger-type knife with a sheath.
  3. A silver and black-handled knife with a signature of Sloan written on the inside.
  4. A small dagger-type knife with a sheath.
  5. A Sony videotape.This is the videotape that was later repaired and straightened in order to make it playable and transcribed as above.
  6. A black-handled serrated folding knife.

Later DNA testing revealed that Stoddart’s blood was present on this knife. A partly burned piece of paper with writing in pencil. A red and white mask. Later DNA testing revealed a partial DNA profile of Adamcik on the mask. A single black glove.

Later DNA testing revealed a partial DNA profile from an unknown male. A pair of partially burned black Puma brand gloves. Later DNA testing revealed that Stoddart’s blood had soaked into these gloves. A blue plastic garbage bag.

A partially burned black long-sleeved Haggar brand dress shirt. A Calvin Klein black dress shirt. Later DNA testing revealed that Stoddart’s blood was present on the shirt cuff. A white and grey sock. A small piece of black cord.

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  • you guys were fantastic and I really loved the show I’ve been following this case here from canada since 2013 and I really enjoyed listening you guys and you’re opinions on this case thank you.

  • Not sure if you will see this. Cassie is my cousin. I will be honest and say I was annoyed at the beginning of this episode, she was not afraid of the house nor afraid of the dark. But I’m glad that you did her story. Pre meditated murder at any age deserves a life sentence. Thank you to the ladies for SEEING why.

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