Texas Serial Killer Charles Albright Removed The Eyeballs Of His Victims

Published on August 23, 2018

While we know every accused serial killer for dealing with some sort of internal conflict, few seemed to harbor something so strange as Charles Albright. This convicted killer from Dallas, Texas wasted no time in developing quite the reputation, even compared to other killers.

What garnered so much attention for this deranged killer who was believed to have killed several local prostitutes?

His obsession with eyeballs, of course. Charles Albright wasn’t alright—and it showed through in his every action.

Life in an Orphanage

Born in August 1933, Charles Albright was born as a summer baby, but he was far from filled with light. He spent his early childhood in an orphanage before his parents, Delle and Fred Albright adopted him. Committed to protecting Charles and giving him the best possible upbringing,

Delle fawned over young Albright, really committing herself to helping him to succeed with his education. It worked. Young Albright could skip multiple grades and seemed to be quite effective in school, so where did he go wrong?

A Life of Crime

Albright barely reached his teen years before he was already committing unforgivable crimes. His track record shows a history of theft, and an aggravated assault, which they arrested him for. Despite this, Albright balanced his education with his criminal activity and continued to accel for some time, a pattern which is at odds with this kind of behavior.

Despite getting caught, Albright did not seem to care about straightening up his act. He could continue to accel in school, pairing this with a stream of petty crimes that seemed to grow more severe with time.

By fifteen, he was a high school graduate entering college. By sixteen, he was already in prison for the first time.

According to the police, Albright was picked up after robbing a local shop, a fact which only paved the way for future actions. When he was caught, armed to the teeth with guns, he was sentenced to time in prison.

Upon release, he barely started school back up before being cast out for more theft. Of course, by then Albright felt that was invincible. He faked his degree and carried on.

Though you might consider that Albright was exceptionally problematic, this did not stop him from finding a wife.

He was married before long after being released and had a child shortly after. By then, he was actively committing various kinds of fraud and could be found committing crimes to pay his way. To no one’s surprise, he and his wife split before long and divorced a long while after.

Charles Albright's Passion for Removing Eyeballs of Victims

While Albright made his way through life, he did so without care for those around him. He committed to lie, cheat, and steal, but his tastes darkened. Albright was committed to a life of crime—and he did not care who he hurt. After another stint in prison, Albright visited friends. They cut this short when he molested their nine-year-old daughter.

This seemed to be the start of his more sexual crimes.

Before long, Charles was becoming more interested in women, though some believe that this was always the case. He spent more time with prostitutes, a fact which would eventually lead him down his darkest path yet to murder.

Charles Albright had studied pre-med courses during his time in college before it was cut short, but it would appear that some lessons stuck. Unlike most serial killers, Charles Albright did not seem focused on killing his victims.

Instead, he was focused on something else: their eyes.

Soon, he had three victims. In every case, the women had been shot, a quick end before further grisly actions. After their death, each woman appeared to have been stripped down before a “surgery” was performed, one where Albright would remove the eyeballs and steal them.

The courts convicted Charles Albright after witnesses revealed his presence in the area. Most disturbingly, Albright was convicted on fairly basic evidence. They could find samples of his DNA at some crime scenes, and the jury wasted no time before deciding he was guilty.

In a twisted turn of events, the stolen eyes were never found, but Albright became “the eyeball killer” all the same.

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