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The Fatal Charm of French Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj

The story of the French serial killer Charles Sobhraj is near unbelievable with the way this ‘serpent’ preyed on Western tourist during the 1970’s. No one but Sobhraj knows his exact body kill count, but he could be one of the most prolific serial killers to date.


Police believe Teresa Knowlton is Sobhraj’s first female victim and the one that earned him the moniker “the Bikini Killer”. Witnesses see Knowlton in the red light district of Bangkok on October 15, 1975 in the city of Patpong. A local egg seller discovers her deceased body in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Thailand the next morning on a remote beach. Teresa’s eyes were open, her body was face up, and she was wearing a bikini.

Most psychiatrist will agree that Charles Sobhraj exhibits psychopathic tendencies, but was he born with these or did his family upbringing help nurture these traits? Former teachers and counselors of Charles Sobhraj claim that he was a brilliant child, but never applied himself in anything except crime from an early age. Charles’ biological father refused to admit his paternity of the child or help provide the responsibility needed to raise him. Thus, Charles never felt as if he had a legitimate identity or a genuine sense of family acceptance.

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