Killer Child Charlie Brandt May Have Been A Serial Killer

Published on May 30, 2020

When most people think of children, they imagine them as happy and playful. Charlie Brandt, who was the son of Herbert and Lisa Brandt and a brother to three sisters, was happy enough, but not terribly playful.

Charlie spent his childhood attending school, spending time with his family, and hunting with his father. By most standards, his life seemed normal. However, the family constantly traveled for the father’s work, leaving young Charlie always grappling with his status as the ‘new kid’ at every school that he attended. Being shy, this was a fairly tough transition for him, but he seemed to manage well enough.

Charlie's sister Angela Brandt.

To outsiders, Charlie’s family life seemed normal, at least until Charlie turned thirteen and attempted to kill his family. Charlie Brandt shot both of his parents before turning the gun on his oldest sister, Angela. His mother was on the verge of giving birth and ultimately she and the baby were both lost. Remarkably, Angela was able to calm her brother down, plus he had shot all the bullets in the gun and could not merely shoot her on sight as he intended. Angela did this by telling her brother just how much she loved him. Immediately, she put him to action, telling him to grab their two youngest sisters so they could flee to live in peace. As soon as Charlie turned his back Angela ran to the neighbors, pounding on their door to get help. When Charlie pursued her, she fled. Hearing the commotion, her neighbor appeared, finding a disgruntled Charlie who immediately admitted to the murders.

Charlie as an adult.

At the time, the state of Indiana could not charge a minor for such a horrendous crime. A judge ordered several mental evaluations on the thirteen-year-old Charlie Brandt, but found no anomalies with his psyche. It seemed that Charlie had simply woken up and randomly killed his parents. However, there is a possibility that Charlie was trying to trick the examination team. His father and the State of Indiana requested Charlie’s release, which was granted. As if nothing ever happened, Charlie Brandt picked his life back up. He finished school and even attended college, received a degree in electronics and became a radar specialist. Over time, he improved his social skills and continued to move on with a very normal life. A full fifteen years later, Charlie got married to his wife, Teri. Shockingly, he was very open about his disturbing background prior to their wedding date. Teri loved him all the same and agreed to marry him regardless, a decision she would later regret.

Would you ever marry someone with a past as dark as Charlie Brandt?

Charlie's wife Teri Brandt.

It would be nice to hear that Charlie Brandt lived a calm and happy life. In reality, another fifteen years passed and Charlie was fleeing Hurricane Ivan with his wife Teri. They stayed with their niece, a woman by the name of Michelle Jones. She was a headstrong and career-focused woman who was also said to be incredibly attractive. When it came time for Charlie and Teri to leave, Michelle made a call to a friend to tell them that the two had been drinking and fighting so she would cancel her plans to deal with the drama.The police were called a few days later, when no one had heard from Michelle Jones. As a few officers conducted a welfare check on Michelle at her residence, they discovered a murder scene that would spark many investigations for years to come. Both Teri and Michelle were both found brutally stabbed to death in Teri’s home. Excluding the murder scene, the home itself was in kept tidy and there were no clear signs of a struggle, or so the police thought until they made their way to the garage. In the garage, they found Charlie Brandt hanging from the ceiling. They ultimately determined that he had killed the two women and then himself.

Charlie killed Michelle Jones and his wife Teri before hanging himself in the basement.

The case of Charlie Brandt does not end there. Upon evaluation of the murder scene and the Brandt family home, they unveiled several disturbing details. Charlie Brandt had his own subscription to the Victoria’s Secret magazines, which highlighted an obsession with women. Worse, he had a wide collection of anatomy books and had a clear obsession with dissection. His search history revealed a fascination with anatomical images and murderous content, including pictures of people being killed. Ultimately, the police weighed this against his job, which led him to travel frequently and discovered evidence that he had likely killed many other people on the road. In fact, they believe that the true extent of his crimes will never be known and likely only stopped because of his death.

Charlie Brandt had an obsession with human anatomy.


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  1. Could anybody verify the time of his birthday please
    Since the father moved a lot for his work maybe verify he was born in Fort Wayne since that’s where they lived 13 years later

    Thank you so much for your help

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