The Cheshire Murders & The Horrific Aftermath

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6 thoughts on “The Cheshire Murders & The Horrific Aftermath

  1. Absolute monsters. This case made me tear up more than once. I want to say the death penalty is more than justified but I think that’s going too easy on them. Stick them in a room and pump smoke into it everyday. Make them listen to recordings of screams and play the tapes of them admitting all the horrific things they did to this innocent family until they beg for the sweet release of death. Make them relive what they did everyday up till their last. 

    Shame on the police force there, had they balled up they could have saved the mom and her daughters. I hope the entire force that was there that day thinks about what they should have done every night as they’re trying to sleep. Trying to save their own asses by keeping documents classified and not telling the family. So shameful.

  2. Just started listening to yesterday’s episode.. wanted to say thank you again to Jon for his service. I also wanted to mention how amazing I think it is that they are using hyperbaric medicine to help veterans!!! Hope it helps you!

  3. And also, on the hunting thing… I don’t want to go deer hunting or anything, but hog hunting is lots of fun if you do it right. Track them in the woods, find their habits and their spots and then wait. It takes patience and determination. It is sport, but also food. Hog makes great summer sausage and breakfast sausage… but the real reason I am okay with it… hogs are taking over Texas, they destroy crops, and livestock, attract coyotes to farms and they are a threat to native wildlife. We kill 3/4 of a million hogs every year and their population has still increased by 20 percent each year. We would need to kill 70 percent of the population every year just to maintain. So if you’re gonna hunt, come to Texas, take some hogs and make yourself some spicy breafast sausage.

    And I mean I’ll eat deer and such but I can’t kill Bambi. That’s not fun. I would never.

    • Megan!! I just lol’ed so hard reading this. This is seriously so informative though!! I had no idea hogs were such a problem out there! That’s seriously crazy! And also, that does sound kind of fun the way you describe it, and in this case it’s solving a problem. Also, LOVE ME SOME SAUSAGE! Wait, that sounded… wrong…

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