TM2M Specials: Christine Sullivan and Jenna Pellegrini

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Okay, okay I know I was a little rough on the Amazon Echo conspiracy, and I know some of yall will probably tell me how much you love yours. So my apologies for that!

I’ve wanted to do an episode like this (where an Amazon device is used in court) for quite a while so thank you, Supremo Kira, for suggesting it to me.

This case was pretty straight forward so I’ll just quickly run through it.

Christine Sullivan, 48 and her friend Jenna Pellegrini, 32 were found dead early Sunday, Jan. 27, 2017, by homeowner Dean Smoronk (super-shady guy) at 979 Meaderboro Road in Farmington, NH.

The Chief Medical Examiner found that both victims suffered multiple stab wounds and Sullivan suffered from additional blunt impact injuries.

Dean V. Smoronk was dating (albeit on-and-off) Christine Sullivan at the time, and the couple was reportedly going through a troubled and physically abusive relationship.

The double homicide was carried out by a neighbor and possible acquaintance of Deans’ Timothy Verrill (now in custody preparing to stand trial).

Although  Verrill hasn’t admitted Dean’s involvement (yet), it won’t be a big shocker for me if he does.

Okay now, let’s jump down the rabbit hole.

The murders were drug-related, and sources say that Timothy Verrill killed the two women after discovering that Jenna Pellegrini was a police informant – or to put it in Hollywood gangsta terms – a “rat.”

In 2014 Smoronk was arrested in Sumter County, SC (a long way from Farmington) for “illicit drugs” and bomb-making material.

After researching this and noticing a “super-eerie” lack of news sources covering this arrest and his subsequent release I found these Anonymous videos:

and this one.

Feel free to research this, although I’m stepping back after my recent Bill Clinton accusations.

Anyways, the rest is pretty cut and dry.

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Salky strong
Salky strong

Not sure who you are, but, your reporting is biased the moment to interject your opion.
All people involved in this horrendous life altering case are Human Being’s.
Let the FACTS unfold respectfully.
You dont know “that shady guy”
You didnt know Tim, nor Christine, or Jenna.
And no, this isnt a cut and dry , straight forward case.
I appreciate your interest in it being a case where technology is being utilized.

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