Ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner Gunned Down Cops During An Intense Rampage And Manhunt

On February 3, 2013, Christopher Jordan Dorner, a former Naval reservist and LAPD officer, begins a revenge-killing rampage claiming four innocent lives before being burned alive in a cabin in Big Bear Mountain, California.

Dorner’s writes a lengthy manifesto in which he talks about the injustices he faced within the LAPD ranks and how he was wrongfully fired for reporting the misdeeds of a superior officer.


Christopher Jordan Dorner was born on June 4, 1979, in New York and spend most of his childhood around Southern California. Dorner was briefly married prior to his rampage, but was divorced in early 2007. Dorner’s schooling and military background is quite impressive. After graduating at Cypress High School in La Palma, California, Dorner majored in political science and minored in psychology, grudating from Souther Utah University in 2001.

Since Chris Dorner was a teenager he dreamed of becoming a police officer, which he did while serving with the Naval Reservist. Dorner graduated Police Academy in 2006 and started working as a probationary police officer after a short Naval deployment in Bahrain. It was after returning from this deployment that a single event would trigger the ultimate demise of himself and four other innocent people.

In 2007, Dorner was partnered with LAPD officer Teresa Evans where he witnessed her using excessive force on a mentally handicapped arrestee, Christopher Gettler, after he was handcuffed and defenseless. Officer Evans has since denied this claim and Dorner’s report was handed to the Board of Reviews, where they decided he was lying about the incident altoughter.

Because of the BOR hearing, Dorner was fired from the LAPD, which led to his honorable discharge as a lieutenant as a Naval Reserves Officer in 2013. This led the disgruntled ex-cop and military veteran to take to social media where he threatened violent action on the LAPD unless they cleared his name and decided in his favor.

On February 3rd, Christopher Dorner made good on his online threats by murdering Monica Quan, a women’s basketball coach, and her fiancee Keith Lawrence, a USC campus police officer on the top floor of a parking structure, located in an upscale, high-security condominium complex.

Christopher Dorner attempted to flee to Mexico via a yatch that he attempted to steal at San Diego’s Driscoll Wharf. “He kept saying he wanted to go fishing off Mexico. I said ‘Mexico? That’s kinda weird. You could go fishing on the bay,’” said Jeremy Smith, a local commercial fisherman. CCTV footage shows Chris Dorner on February 4th as he discards bullets, a uniform, and other items linking him to the murder of Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence.

Christopher Dorner would claim two more police officers before being cornered and killed in Big Bear Mountain. On February 7th around 2:30am in the morning two Riverside police officers were stopped at a redlight, and from their dashcam we can see Chris Dorner’s truck as he speeds through the light and opens fire at the squad car. In the carnage Michael Crane, a 34-year-old former Marine, lay slain, leaving behind his ten-year-old son to grieve over his dead father.

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Chris Dorner’s rampage was eventually ended when he was cornered in a cabin in Big Bear Mountain. Police used incendiary methods to burn the cabin to the ground along with Chris Dorner. There were over 500 rounds of ammunition dispensed at the shootout.

Chris Dorner named multiple celebrities in his manifesto, including comedian Dave Chappelle.


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