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131 | Dragon’s Blood

On Tuesday, December 1st, 1987, the town of Pepperell, MA, was shocked by the news of a gruesome triple homicide. The killer is Daniel LaPlante (Danny) and his story seems to come straight from the mind of a great horror writer, but unfortunately, it is true.


Daniel LaPlante was born and raised in Townsend, Massachusetts, in 1970. Multiple only sources claim that LaPlante suffered an extremely traumatic childhood filled with sexual and psychological abuse by numerous adults. This abuse started at home with his father fomenting his son physically, sexually, and emotionally nearly every day of his childhood.

This may be why Danny became the town’s notorious trouble maker from a young age; one neighbor of his telling a reporter that,

“When you saw Danny you watched him. He earned his reputation. He was a troublemaker from day one.”

Hosted by
Jon Perry

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