117.1 Call Me God // D.C. Sniper Case (part 1)

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Hey guys, what an interesting case. I hope you enjoy part 1 and look forward to part 2. Until then if you want to dive more into this case I recommend you download Call Me God: The Untold Story of the DC Sniper Investigation on Audible. It’s really well done. 🙂

It was a calm evening with James D. Martin pulls in to the Shoppers Grocery parking lot to buy items for the Shepherd Elementary School around 6:04 pm on October 2, 2002. CCTV shows Martin as he walks towards the entrance “grasping his chest” before falling down and dying on the pavement. He was shot in the back and die within minutes.

Roughly 12 hours later James L. Buchanan, a 39-year-old business man called ‘Sonny’ was at a friend’s car dealership on Rockville Pike mowing the lawn. As he pushes the mower forward there is a loud bang and he falls on the sidewalk and bleeds to death.

31 minutes after Buchanan is murdered another shot can be heard as Prem Kumar Walekar, a 54-year-old immigrant and taxi driver is gunned down while pumping gas.

Sarah Ramos, a 34-year-old babysitter, wife, and mother of a 7-year-old boy, was seen sitting on a bench in a strip mall when she was shot directly in the forehead. Ramos was the finally victim in Montgomery County before the snipers moved their operation to a new location.

Police Sheriff Moose was informed that a witness claimed to spot a white box truck fleeing the scene of one of the shootings. This lead the investigation into the wrong direction as the killers were driving a blue Chevrolet Caprice instead.

Police finally catch a break with the killers leave a note for the police on the back of a Tarot card. An FBI detective explains the ‘hidden message’ on this card in Call Me God: The Untold Store of the DC Sniper Investigation on Audible.

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