Millionaire Heir Dellen Millard Used Incinerator To Annihilate Ex-Girlfriend

Published on October 20, 2018

Dellen Millard was a wealthy young man who shocked Canada to its core. Dellen, who was raised by two loving parents until they split, lived an exceptional life. He was the son of a man who had his fingers well into the aviation world and grew up living the dream.

Before he was old enough to drive, Dellen was already setting records as the youngest Canadian citizen to accomplish the feat of flying a plane and an airplane all by himself in a single day.

Dellen's parents filled his life with opportunity, adventure, and a lot of money. As he grew older, he worked for his father in the family business and enjoyed a life of luxury.

He owned several million-dollar properties and was known for his lavish lifestyle, which included nice clothes and nice cars.

So how did a guy who seemed to have the world ultimately end up being charged as a notorious serial killer?

Shot His Father In Head

In 2012, Dellen Millard’s father, the wealthy businessman, was found dead from a bullet wound in his head. Considering what it involved, it comes as no surprise that the police looked into the situation.

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Greed has caused many people to kill over the years. Still, the scene itself seemed to present a suicide. The bullet entered through his father’s head and they found his father still holding the gun.

When prompted, Dellen spent his time explaining that his father had carried an enormous burden of sadness in him and that he had hidden it well.

One year later, Dellen Millard was being charged with three counts of murder, including the death of his father.

Senseless Killing Of Family Man

Even though the original ruling had been a suicide, everything changed when additional evidence made itself apparent, or perhaps when Dellen Millard’s thirst for blood grew once more.

Tim Bosma was a simple man with an adolescent daughter who was looking to sell his truck. His wife had posted an ad online to sell the truck and they were pleased when a prospective buyer showed up.

Ultimately, the buyer asked if they could meet up and take the truck for a spin. Finding this reasonable but remaining cautious, Tim Bosma agreed and said that he would go with them to answer questions. Tim Bosma left with the truck and never came back.

What Tim Bosma did not know was that the interested party was Dellen Millard and his friend, Mark Smich. The police could never recover Tim Bosma’s body. However, they found his truck hidden away in a trailer on Millard’s property.

The two killers tore the truck to pieces, completely stripped off its components, but that did nothing to remove the startling evidence that they left behind: residue from a gun and Bosma's blood. As if that was not bad enough, further searches found evidence of human remains in an incinerator on Millard’s property.

As you might expect, police went right to work on this case and two red flags quickly popped up. Dellen Millard had not woken up that day and killed for the first time. Immediately, they began looking into his father’s suicide, which had been carried out with a gun that was registered to Dellen.

Shoved Ex-girlfriend's Body Down Incenerator

With this fresh evidence, the suicide did not at all look like a suicide. This was quickly turned into a murder case, which shone an additional light on something else strange from Dellen Millard’s past: his missing ex-girlfriend.

Several years prior, Dellen Millard had been in a relationship with a girl named Laura Babcock. Laura was a known escort on a troubled path, which is why her family and friends weren’t surprised when she suddenly vanished.

As they found more evidence, it became apparent that she had not disappeared at all. Laura and Dellen had been romantic for a period, including a part of time when Dellen was reportedly dating another woman.

Laura had hassled Dellen’s recent girlfriend, bragging about the fact that she was still with him. Ultimately, Dellen promised to make her pay and then disappear. A short while later, Laura did exactly that.

Rather than telling her off and sending her on her way, police ultimately determined that Millard had killed Babcock out of revenge.

Bros Behind Bars

Though this story is shocking enough, the real icing on the cake is Mark Smich. After they formally charged the two were formally for the murder of Tim Bosman, fresh revelations lit. It turned out that this wasn’t the first murder that Mark Smich had helped Dellen Millard with.

In fact, he had covered for Dellen on his father’s murder too.

Dellen Millard and Mark Smich were brought to justice for all of their known crimes, but it still seems possible that there might have been other victims that were never found.

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