"I just killed my mother… is that bad?"

"I just killed my mother… is that bad?"

The Shocking Case of Derek Rosa: A 13-Year-Old Accused of Matricide

In a disturbing case that has left a Florida community reeling, 13-year-old Derek Rosa has been accused of brutally stabbing his mother, Irina Garcia, 39, to death as she slept next to her 2-week-old baby. The gruesome crime took place on October 12 in their Hialeah apartment, where the family had lived for two years.

A Haunting Confession

During a pre-trial hearing, prosecutors played a chilling recording of Rosa allegedly confessing to the murder. In the audio, the 8th-grade honor roll student can be heard telling a detective, “I woke up, I grabbed one of the kitchen knives and I went to her room… I killed her.” Rosa reportedlyinsulted his mother, calling her “Maricona” (a Spanish slur meaning “faggot”) before stabbing her over 40 times, leaving her splayed on the floor with dozens of knife wounds, including a slashed artery in her neck.

A Planned Attack?

Evidence presented in court suggests that the murder may have been premeditated. Baby camera footage captured Rosa standing over his sleeping mother at 11 pm, just 30 minutes before he called 911 to report the crime…continue reading...