TM2M Specials: Donald Rudolph & The Grisly Triple Slaying In Weymouth, MA

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Hey, guys this weeks Talko Special is for our Supremo Shannon from Weymouth, Mass.

What makes this case so interesting is even till this day the courts have not tried the killer or found him guilty in any way.

Our episode starts on November 10, 2011, in Weymouth, Massachusets at 10 Upland Rd.

10 Upland Road Weymouth, MA. Photo:

Police respond to a call about suspicious activity at the residence, apparently concerned neighbors had called 911.

When police pull up to the home, they spot a young male through the first-floor window.

The policemen apprehend the suspect as he was attempting to escape out of the back window in the basement.
The suspect’s name is Donald Rudolph, a thinly-looking teenager, some of his arresting officers recognize that for previous violations.

The police reports, which unfortunately our court sealed at this time, state that one of the officers hears Rudolph mumble, “I fucked up, you’ll see when you go inside the house.”

Police noticed that Rudolph was disoriented, confused, and covered from head to toe in human blood.

Police arrest teenager, Donald Rudolph after he attempted to escape his mother’s home. Photo credit:

Inside the house was nothing short of a massacre.

It may be hard to imagine how much blood would have soaked the floors and furniture of the home until you realize that three people were laying slain in the house, all murdered with hammers and knives.

Frederick Medina, 52, was the first to be discovered by the police and according to assistant Norfolk District Attorney, Craig Kowalski,

“Mr. Medina was found lying on his back, on the floor, with his shirt soaked in blood and his throat slit.”

Mr. Medina also was stabbed several times in the torso.

In the garage lay both Rudolph’s mother Paula,50, and his sister Caylin,24.

The garage where the mother and daughter were murdered. Photo credit:
Photo credit:

The immense amount of blood and a nearby bloody hammer suggested to police that both women died by beating; Caylin was also repeatedly stabbed.

Rudolph’s sister, Caylin, 24. Photo credit:

“There was an extreme amount of stab wounds to Mr. Medina’s body, as well as Caylin Rudolph’s body,’’ said Kowalski.

Found next to Medina’s dead body was a bloody hammer and knife, and even more, knives were found wrapped inside a placemat on the kitchen table.

Rudolph’s mother Paula, 50. Photo credit:

Rudolph was charged with three counts of murder and three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and at the time was being held without bail.

One month after Rudolph was arrested he wrote letters addressed to his dead mother and sister, both which he had brutally murdered, to ask about their health.

The Rudolph family prior to the murders.

Donald Rudolph was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital to be diagnosed before standing trial for the murders; he was ultimately deemed not competent to stand trial.

Till this day he has not been deemed competent to stand trial and it is little doubt that he will ever be.



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Shannon (aka Chivette)
Talko Supremo
Shannon (aka Chivette)

You guys did an amazing job covering this case. You’ve dug up way more than I’ve been able to find. Again, you guys are amazing at what you do and I’m so excited to hear more ❤️

Talko Supremo

Shannon! Did you go to Weymouth High? I was wondering that when you were talking about going to HS with him. Crazy!

Shannon (aka Chivette)
Talko Supremo
Shannon (aka Chivette)

Yes I did go to Weymouth High! Same high school as another murderer in one of the stories I submitted. I also overlapped some years with him too. Crazy!!

Talko Supremo

Ahh so crazy! I know people who went to that school as well, but older than me so I don’t think there would be overlap but still, small world!


Just happened upon this. My uncle was Fred, the murder victim. 🙁

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