116 | The Drag Queen and Her Mummy

In October of 1992 two men enter an apartment of a recently deceased drag queen named Dorian Corey at West 140th Street to find a Halloween costume. Dorian’s caretaker Lois Taylor let the two men into a large closet space with a musty garment bag inside.

Inside the bag the two men were hit with the smell of death and decomposition which came from a mummified man, slumped over in the fetal position with a bullet in his head. The autopsy was done by licensed mortician Raoul Figueroa and would he discovered was horrific and disgusting.

Dorian Corey was most likely the murderer although that has never been proven as she died months before from AIDS. Corey was well respected and loved in the Drag-world of the 90’s.

Dorian was the narrator and star of the hit documentary / movie called Paris Is Burning.

Hosted by
Jon Perry

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