Playboy Centerfold Dorothy Stratten Slayed By Jealous Husband

Dorothy Stratten, Playboy Playmate of the Year, was found brutally sodomized, raped, and murdered in her Bel Air home by her estranged husband on Thursday August, 14, 1980.

Her husband Paul Snider, used a shotgun to shoot Stratten, shooting her on the left side of face, before turning the gun on himself.

Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten was born on February 28th, 1960 at the Vancouver Salvation Army Hospital. She started her job at Dairy Queen at fourteen years old and before that helped her mother clean houses to support the family.

Paul Leslie Snider was a Canadian pimp, known in the streets as the “Jewish Pimp”, who met Dorothy Stratten while she was working at her part-time job at Dairy Queen.

Before her brutal murder Dorothy Stratten became an overnight success, staring in many movies including Galaxina (a Star Wars knock-off film).

The Killing of a Unicorn book

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