Dylann Roof – The Charleston AME Church Massacre

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Hey guys, as you may know the TM2M gang lives in Charleston literally right down the road from where this horrific event took place.

On June 17, 2015, Dylann Storm Roof, a miseducated white supremacist, walked into a historic Charleston, SC church and committed one of the worst mass murders and hate crimes in the nation’s history.

The four-year anniversary is next week, which is why I really wanted to cover this episode this week.

Also, big shout out to Talko Supremo Whitney for ALSO requesting me to cover this story. Support our podcast by becoming a Supremo here

I decided to use a slightly different format than I’m used to in this episode because I was really interested in the psychology aspect of this case and how someone could become so radicallized in what Dylann Roof refers to as viewing the world through a “racial lens”.


Dylann Roof interview with the FBI

CNN interviews survivor Polly Sheppard in an exclusive interview

Photos from Dylann Roof’s webpage TheLastRhodesian.com

NPR – Dylann’s Sister, Morgan Roof arrested for bringing weapons to school

Dailymail.co.uk – Dylann Roof was raised in an abusive home

Unsealed Dylann Roof court documents

The Biggest Lie in the White Supremacist Propaganda Playbook

Politifact – Donald Trump tweets blacks killed 81% of white homicide victims

Dylann Roof manifesto

The Northwest Front white supremacist movement

The “Bowl-Patrol” movement

Dylann Roof copycat killers have now become a thing

TEDTalk interview with former Neo-nazi Christian Picciolini

The New Yorker – Inside Dylann Roof’s trial

Dylann Roof’s jailhouse journal

What does 1488 mean?

Here’s this very racist podcast that needs to be banned by the way


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Talko Supremo

Loved hearing this story. It’s weird to hear current events that we have been alive to hear about on the news. What a monster he is to decimate a church! I also wanted to chime in on the topic of global warming. I don’t really know a lot about it, but the thing I think about is..the earth doesn’t need us. It would be better off without us. We need the earth, so we better start taking care of her. Also, gonna have to get on my diver soapbox. I love that yall can swim with the dolphins, but please,… Read more »

Talko Supremo

Okay, I sent an email with some pics and info to jon@talkmurder.com


My phone always acts like emails didn’t send, so let me know if you didn’t get it.

Talko Supremo

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