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The Totally Bizarre Case of The Eriksson Twins & the Gruesome Murder That Followed

“They’re going to steal your organs!” The Eriksson sisters were identical twins that shocked the UK with their bizarre behavior and gruesome murder of 54-year-old Glen Hollinshead.


On Saturday May 17th, 2008 officers dispatched police the M6 motorway going towards Liverpool and nearby Stoke-on-Trent. Police arrived at the scene to find two identical twins, Ursula and Sabina Eriksson attempting to run into on-coming traffic.

A camera man from BBC’s Motorway Cops captures on camera what would be the beginning of one of the most bizarre and shocking series of events in the public has ever seen. With no warning, Ursula Eriksson (wearing a green-colored cardigan) breaks away from an officer and jolts herself into incoming traffic. A semi truck moving at approximately 60 mph slammed into Ursula and violently flung her several feet. Before police and emergency personnel could respond to this horrific event, Ursula’s twin sister Sabina (wearing a red jacket) also jumps into incoming traffic.

Miraculously, both sisters survived traffic onslaught; Ursula suffered the worst with massive injuries and compound fractures. A police officer at the scene noted to the Motorway Cops camera man filming the event, “her legs practically exploded.” Both sisters resist help from emergency services and police. You can hear one of them yell, “They’re going to steal your organs,” and also, “I know you and you’re not real.” Police, emergency personnel and helpful citizens attempt to subdue Sabina as she fights to escape, eventually running onto the opposite side of the motorway.

Police attempt to uncover answers of why these two sisters would commit such a horrid act of self-harm, but find little reasoning. Only one sister carried an identification card, and with this the police discovered background information about the twins. Sabina was living in Mallow County Cork, Ireland, and she was being visited by her sister Ursula one day prior to the roadway incident. The cops trace back the sisters’ steps and learn that they were taking a bus to London, although Sabina could not tell the police why.

Police released Sabina back into the public without a full mental examination and later in the evening she meets two men drinking at a local pub. The men were 54-year-old Glenn Hollinshead (a former paramedic and RAF veteran) and his friend Peter Molloy. Being good samaritans, the two men notice that Sabina is distressed and knowing nothing of her recent motorway situation, invite her back to Glenn’s home. Early next morning Sabina Eriksson stabs Hollinshead five times with a kitchen knife and he dies outside of his home. Sabina takes off running where police find her to have jumped off a 40 bridge, fracturing her skull and breaking both of her ankles.

What police didn’t know at the time was both Sabina and her twin sister Ursula were suffering from Folie à deux, a form of shared delusion between two emotionally attached individuals.

Nottingham Crown Court sentenced Sabina to five years in prison on September 2, 2010 and was eligible for release in 2011. Glen Hollinshead’s brother Garry does not believe Sabina murdered his brother on purpose and does not hold her responsible.

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