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Gagged & Mutilated at 25 Cromwell Street by Fred and his Sex Craved Bondage Loving Wife Rose West

Frederick “Fred” West and Rosemary “Rose” West we an English married husband and wife who shook England when police unearthed several deceased victims that the couple tortured, raped, mutilated, and buried under their home at 25 Cromwell Street.

On April 19, 1973, and two weeks before her 20th birthday, Lynda Gough went missing. Her parents have experienced their daughter leaving before, but this time felt different to them. June Gough remembers her daughter leaving with a woman around noontime who picked her up at the home for a drink in town. When June and her husband come home later in the evening, it surprised them to see that not only is their daughter not there, but there is a note left for them which said.

Dear Mum and Dad
Please don’t worry about me. I have got a flat and I will come and see you sometime.
Love Lin

Why did Lynda leave so suddenly they ask? Also, their daughter could not afford her own flat as a 19-year-old seamstress.

The woman that picked up Lynda earlier in the day was 20-year-old Rose West, a mother who convinced Lynda to stay with her and her husband Fred as a full-time nanny. With multiple children in the house and a 5-month pregnant Rose, it excited the West family that Lynda Gough accepted their offer. Lynda and Rose West had been friends already, in fact Lynda would visit 25 Cromwell Street frequently as her ex-boyfriend Benjamin Stanniland lived in the flat above the West. Little did Lynda know is that for several months Rose West had become sexual attracted to her and would daydream about a day where she could gag and torture the teenager to fulfill her sadomasochist desires. The parents of Lynda Gough didn’t see their daughter again until in 1994, when police unearthed her decomposed body from under the cellar of 25 Cromwell Street. Not all of her body was present as the unfortunate victim was missing several cervical vertebrae, fingers, toes, parts of her wrist, and her kneecaps. Fred kept these as trophies of his kill. Lynda’s head was the most preserved in the grave due to it being wrapped heavy with masking tape during her brutal rape and torture in 1973.

Caroline Owens is both lucky and unlucky. Owens was the previous nanny for the West and narrowly escaped her demise just four months before they murdered Lynda Gough. Owens would later tell the police they subjected her to the unimaginable rape and helpless torture while in the cellar of 25 Cromwell street. Fred West also raped Caroline Owens before the married couple let her leave with her life.

Fred West was born on September 29, 1941, in the town of Much Marcle. He was the first child of Daisy West and would soon be just one of eight living a squalor existence inside a tiny home. The children bullied Fred because of his reputation as a mamma’s boy in school. Family suspected that his mother Daisy raped him when he was just a 12-year-old boy. It is easy to see why Fred West grew into a pedophilic sex pervert by his teenage years as his on father constantly bragged about his life of raping pre-teen girls around town. His father Walter told Fred that it was natural to have sex with a 12 to 14-year-old and he was born with the “right to do it.” This ingrained this belief in his son and Fred agreed with this worldview.

Despite being known throughout town as a child molester and thief, Fred married his first wife Catherine (Rena) Bernadette Costello on November 17, 1962. From the start, infidelity and domestic abuse plagued the relationship. For money, Fred made his recent wife become a street prostitute, often bringing ‘Johns’ into the home so that her husband could watch Rena through a small keyhole. Rena birthed two children while married to Fred, only one being biologically his child. First was the March 22, 1963 birth of her daughter Charmaine, which was half Asian descent. The next child in 1964 was biologically his own daughter. Her name was Anna Marie.

In July 1967 Rena’s once friend Anna McFall went missing. The Wests’ used Anna as a nanny and became sexually involved with Fred. Before her disappearance, McFall informed Fred that she was carrying his child. Police unearthed Anna McFall in 1994 where and noticed her decapitated body and her limbs disarticulated by Fred using a sharp precision knife. She was also missing her fingers, toes, and kneecaps. It was around the time of Anna McFall’s murder that Fred meets his future wife Rose, 13 years old.

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  • Fred west his first wife lived in the same street as Moira Anderson a young girl that went missing in 1958.and has not been found to this date. Fred would have been 16/17 years old the person the police suspected of killing Moira was friends with other paedophiles could Fred have been involved.

  • A well researched ep for the most part, just a couple of things that I wanted to mention, purely because I think it’s kind of a respect thing towards the victims (I live nearby):

    Charmaine was half black, not Asian
    An abbatoir is a slaughterhouse, not a butchers
    Gloucester is in Gloucestershire, nowhere near London

    That aside, love your episodes, thank you for getting me through the work day!

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