Grant Amato Executed His Mom, Dad, And Brother For A Bulgarian Sex Cam Model

Grant Amato Executed His Mom, Dad, And Brother For A Bulgarian Sex Cam Model

Grant Amato is an American killer and family annihilator sentenced to life in prison for slaughtering his mother, father, and older brother on January 24, 2019. Using a stolen gun, Amato shot his family after becoming disturbingly obsessed with a Bulgarian webcam model named Silviya Ventsislavova. Amato stole over $200,000 from his family to buy tokens to pay for luscious greed and killed once the money ran dry.

Friendly note, guys, scroll down and you will see the entire crime scene. A beautiful home filled with blood and dead bodies. The full collection of photos can be found in sources section below.

Dad Eye

Deputy Moderson gained entry inside the home after getting no response but noting that Cody’s car was in the driveway.

Inside the home and in the kitchen is where Deputy discovered the lifeless body of Chad Amato, 59, and father of the home.

Chad Amato was shot twice in the head.

Notice the gun holster still attached to his hip?

Forensic investigator Geraldine Blay believes Grant killed his father as soon as he walked into the home.

Would Chad have unholstered his weapon if he knew that his own son was waiting for him to walk through the front door?

True-crime And Wine

The next horrific scene, 2 of 3, that Deputy Moderson discovered was the Margaret Amato, 61, cold and slumped over her computer keyboard in the home office.

Detectives believe Margaret was the first to die, completely unaware of her son, Grant, had the handgun barrel pointed to the back of her head as she typed on the computer.

Resting on the desk beside the mother was an empty glass of wine.

Clearly, he had time to think while holding the gun to his mother’s head.

Did Grant Amato remember the good times before pulling the trigger?

Cody Amato, 31, was the last to be shot by Grant, his younger brother. Cody was also shot in the head, in between his eye to be exact, and was found deceased by the doorway between the Amato’s home gym and garage.

Cody, a nurse, still donned his scrubs and can be seen in the photo curled up. We can see the murder weapon in the photos lying feet away from Cody’s lifeless corpse.

Grant attempted to stage the scene as a double-homicide / suicide carried out by Cody Amato, but this turned out to be a lack-lustered attempt to fool detectives.

Death Tokens

Sylvia Ventsislavova is a Bulgarian webcam model that goes by the username AdySweet.

Grant Amato began watching Sylvia’s videos eight months before he murdered his family in cold blood.

Prosecutors painted the picture of Grant’s lust and sheer obsession with Sylvia by showing a video Grant recorded on his phone. Grant desperation begged Sylvia to send him a video for free.

“I’m asking you if you can please – pretty please – send me one of your videos?” he said in the recording. “I love it so much when you just send it to me. I don’t like buying your stuff, it makes me feel weird.”

In June 2018, Grant Amato was suspended from his nursing job at AdventHealth in Orlando.

They accused him of stealing medications and improperly administering medications to a patient.Around this same time, Grant also failed out of anesthesiology school.

Now jobless and living with his parents, Grant found solace online where he eventually met the Sylvia and began spending what little money he had on her sex videos.Grant then started stealing money from his father under the guise of “promoting” himself on Twitch, a gaming and streaming service.

Records show that Grant sent Sylvia Ventsislavova over $200,000 of his family’s money.

Grant Amato spent hours each night watching Sylvia dance, buying 5,000 tokens at a time for $600 each. He also sent Sylvia clothes and sex toys to wear and use on her shows.

No Remorse

Police apprehended grant Amato hiding out at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel near UCF.During the police interrogation, detectives listened to Grant for hours talk about himself and, showing no remorse for the crimes or even mentioning his family during the conversation.Grant denied killing his parents, saying,

“No, I didn’t do any of this.”“I’ve been getting blamed for the last half a year for everything, and I’ve been trying to move forward into a positive direction. And then every day I’m reminded of all the trouble that I had caused. And then I keep being told the same thing over and over again: that there’s nothing I can do to change it.”