Jennifer Mee, ‘Hiccup Girl’, Convicted for First Degree Murder

Jennifer Mee, the Hiccup Girl or Hiccup Killer, was convicted of murder after orchestrating a robbery that ended the life of Shannon Griffin, 22. Jennifer Mee became known as the ‘Hiccup Girl’ after she developed “uncontrollable hiccups” for 37 days. Mee’s fame mounted during her appearance on many television news shows and was interviewed by anchors such as Matt Lauer.

Jennifer Mee developed her hiccup disorder in 2007, while she was sitting in science class at Northeast Highschool. Her hiccups became uncontrollable, and she had to leave school for two months, during which she tried several remedies and medications, including Orap (a Tourette’s medication) which doctors contributed to her cure. Before finding Orap, Mee also tried acupuncture, hypnosis, and even a patented hiccup devices, the Hic-Cup, which sends electrical signals to the users Vagus nerve.

Hiccup girl achieved instant fame, which overwhelmed the teenager. Months after her fame dwindled, newspapers across the United States covered her story of her running away from her home.

On Saturday, October 23, 2010, when Mee was 19 years old, the State of Florida charged her with first degree murder of Shannon Griffin, who met Mee and her roommates in a dark alleyway of the 500 block of Seventh Street N.

Whether the murder was planned, the outcome remained the same. They shot Shannon four times in the chest with a.38 revolver. The initial plan which Jennifer orchestrated, was to sell a half ounce of weed to Griffin for $60, but then rob him and split up the bounty three ways.

Jennifer Mee admitted to having been associating with the “wrong crowd”, but many speculate that she wasn’t as innocent as the sweet hiccup girl routine leads people to believe. Jennifer grew up in a poor family, moving from Vermont to Florida, and by thirteen was dealing drugs on the streets.

Before her hiccup fame, Jennifer became pregnant by an abusive boyfriend which beat her so severely that it caused her to miscarry her baby. Jennifer was also suicidal and may have a history of sexual abuse in her home. Jennifer’s Myspace paints a different picture of her.

Jennifer Mee ‘Hiccup girl’ is currently spending life in prison at the Homestead Correctional Institution. She maintains that her sentence is too harsh and has started a blog at where she asked for the public’s help in convincing the State of Florida to shorten her sentence.

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