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What really happened to Jaleayah Davis?

November 19th, 2011, was a Saturday in Marietta, Ohio, and like thousands of other 20-year-old women around the country, Jaleayah Davis decided to spend it with friends. She left the family home at around 5 pm and kept in touch with her mother, Kim, and sister Taubi via text throughout the night.
Though she had initially planned to stay at a friend’s house, at 3:28 am, Taubi received a call from Jaleayah asking her to come and pick her up from a nearby gas station. In the background, Taubi heard her sister asking someone to give her her keys. Just minutes later, Jaleayah called back – and this time, something had changed. Now, she was audibly hysterical, cursing and calling her friend names. She changed the location of the pick-up, asking Taubi to meet her at a rest stop instead stop off Interstate 77. Naturally, Taubi asked her what was wrong, and Jaleayah told her that she would explain when she got there. What happened in the next 15 minutes remains a mystery to this day. At 3:48, emergency operators received a call from a truck driver who had made a devastating discovery as he drove down the interstate. It was Jaleayah’s body, naked from the waist up, with injuries that can only be described as horrific. Her leg was broken, her right breast was missing, and worst of all, she had been decapitated. Police arrived within minutes, but not before Taubi, who had gone looking for her sister, came across the grisly scene. Though it wasn’t clear what had happened, it was obvious that this was no ordinary accident. Her bra, top, and coat were draped, in that order, over a guardrail, the coat visibly stained with blood. Further down the road, Jaleayah’s car was found, still running. The car was in gear and locked, with the headlights on and the driver’s side airbag deployed. Yet, for such a horrific accident, the damage to the car seemed relatively inconsequential. The windscreen was still intact, though the passenger side window was smashed. The doorpost to the passenger’s side was cracked, and blood stained the trunk. After almost a year and a half of investigation, police officially ruled Jaleayah’s death as accidental, stating she had been driving under the influence of alcohol and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when she hit the guardrail with her car. The force ejected her through the passenger side window, where she struck the guardrail, killing her instantly. Her body flipped over her vehicle and into the other lane, where she was struck again by a tractor-trailer. The case may have been officially closed, but many questions remain. For Jaleayah’s family and others in the Marietta community, the evidence doesn’t add up – from a lack of damage to the guardrail and car to the strange way police discovered her clothing. Jaleayah’s mother, Kim, is convinced that someone is covering up a murder. And she’s not going to stop until she finds out who.

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  • Mile marker 181 podcast is pretty decent, though many rabbit holes. Her last episode sums it up. If you listen to it, after the last episode, you’ll more than likely think differently about this. Paul Holes is a guest on that episode. 

  • I don’t believe there is any possible way this was an accident. why was there no blood on the passenger window? and how the heck can they explain her clothes to just be nicely draped over the guard rail, in order? why did she give her “friend” her key chain that was a gift from her sister. I doubt she did at all. and lastly how can you hear a phone conversation between her and her sister and supposedly be 6 miles away at McDonalds unless she wasn’t 6 miles away and she was with you. so many holes, I honestly don’t understand how this case was closed with so many holes. the truth will come out. they will crack under pressure eventually.

  • She was murdered and the local police did a cover up. Police hold the evidence, so anything incriminating is probably altered or destroyed by them. People are scumbags and take ZERO responsibility for their actions anymore. Eventually people in this country will start doing vigilante justice and it will be an “eye for an eye” mentality because of police cover ups and a corrupt legal system that makes deals with murders, rapists, accessories to crimes, etc.

  • Definitely no accident the people with her are most definitely GUILTY OF MURDERING HER NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! U HAVE THOSE PEOPLE WHY AREN’T THEY LOCKED UP FOR LIFE ?

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