Jerry Brudos – The Shoe Fetish Slayer

Episode 86: The Shoe Fetish Slayer


Jerome Brudos is the personification of cold, deliberate evil. And I’m glad he’s not living anymore. He was like a two-headed snake or a chicken with five legs. Why God created that type of creature, I have no idea.”

Benton County District Attorney David Logan

AKA: The Lust Killer – “The Shoe Fetish Slayer”

See The Lust Killer by Ann Rule

Classification: Serial Killer

Characteristics: Necrophiliac / Fetishist

Victim count: 4

Date of Murders: 1968 – 1969

Date of birth: January 31, 1939

MO: Strangulation

Location: Oregon, USA

Jerry brudos profile

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Jerry brudos mindhunter
Happy Anderson plays Brudos in the new Mind Hunter series on Netflix.
Jerry brudos in womens dress
Jerry Brudos looking sexy in his high heels and girdle. He would leave photos like these around the house for his wife to find. She found it odd.
Karen feet
Photograph of victim Karen Sprinker’s feet, taken by serial killer Jerome Brudos “I had a hacksaw and I cut off the left foot because I’m right handed. I took it home and put it in the freezer and used it for a photography model and to try shoes on.”


Jerry brudos caught on camera
CREEPY as shit, Brudos is caught looking in the mirror that was on the floor underneath a hoisted dead victim. This small image was on the bottom of one of the photos found in his home.

Linda Slawson, 19, of Aloha, Oregon last seen on January 1968 selling encyclopedias door-to-door. Brudos confessed to killing Slawson and dumping her body in the river. Slawson’s body was never recovered.


Jan Susan Witney, 23, from McMinnville last seen in Eugene on November, 25, 1968. Brudos abducted Whitney after her car broke down on Interstate 5.


Linda Dawn Salee, 19, of Beaverton was last seen in April 1969 when her car was found at Lloyd Center in Portland. Brudos confessed to abutting and killing Salee in his home.

Linda salee

Karen Elena Sprinker, 19, an honor student at Oregon State University was last seen in March 1969. Brudos confessed to abducting Sprinker at the Meier & Frank parking garage in downtown Salem, where she was supposed to meet her mother for a lunch date.

Karen sprinker


See The Lust Killer by Ann Rule

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Jon Perry

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  • I’m a nerd. I took notes as I listened of my thoughts and comments.

    Thank you Jen for saying that about the “me, me!” Because i thought the same thing!! Lol

    Jon no pictures of you in the heels?? Also, its the Will-am-it River. Not will-a-met. Confusing I know lol. We have lots of streets and places that are spelled one way and we pronounce it another. You weed out the locals vs tourists that way

    I wonder if Jerry would have ended up as messed up as he was if his mother hadn’t been so harsh towards him. Or if he was just destined to be that way, his crazy thoughts at 16 make me think it may have just been who he was. Just a nature vs nurture thought.

    Jerry reminds me of Ed Kemper in some aspects, just not nearly as smart.

    I didn’t know that about the hospital! That it’s the one in one flew over the cuckoo nest! Fun tid bit. Thanks Jon.

    Fun tid bit for you guys, the location of his victim on SE Pine street was super close to where I went to middle school. But i was not even alive during that time. My parents were babies while he was murdering. So I was a sperm. Lol

    Titty paper weights…. shudders

    Pretty crazy that he is brave enough to attack these women but as soon as he gets hurt or attacked back, he runs like a scared puppy. Such a big scary dude who could literally crush your throat, but he gets his finger bit and he thinks he’s in danger.

    Jon your comment about snow around Thanksgiving I must say this. Definitely rain here around Thanksgiving. When we do get snow it’s dec-feb time and it’s the most pathetic excuse for snow EVER!! Usually, we get a few inches, the entire city loses their freaking minds!!! Everything shuts down. Everyone forgets how to drive. But then by early afternoon most of it has melted. And it’s sunny. And then the evening comes, it gets cold, all that melted snow turns to a sheet of ice. And then maybe a few more inches of snow. And then it repeats until we get dumping rain again. Ive seen 3, maybe 4 real snow storms in my 26 years of life in Portland. Also we used to not salt the roads because all the hippies complain about it getting into our rivers. We just started salting roads for snow about 2 years ago. So, sorry for the rabbit hole but snow is a sore spot for Portlanders lmao.

    Lloyd Center is unfortunately a hot spot for crime. Kidnappings, shootings, stabbings, sex trafficking. It’s best to avoid that mall at night. It has gotten better, but still.


    I’m so happy you guys did this case!! Nicole thank you for the extra support lately ❤ I feel this story is really underrated. And like you guys mentioned multiple times, he has similarities to a lot of big well known killers! You’re welcome on introducing this shoe fetish sicko. As Jen said, hold on to your titties ladies curtsies

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