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Beloved Anchor Jodi Huisentruit Vanished Before Her Morning Broadcast, Police Fear Murder

Jodi Huisentruit’s cold case has remained unsolved for 25 years and police are still no closer to a resolution. However, advancements in DNA may help bring her abductor (killer perhaps) to justice.

Jodi Huisentruit was an up-and-coming news anchor beloved by the Mason City, Iowa community. Viewers of her morning news broadcast found Jodi’s midwestern accent comforting and relatable. I’ve heard Jodi being referred to a few times as “the girl next door.” Blonde, outgoing, and beautiful, Huisentruit’s career was on a sure track to success, beginning to manifest her childhood dreams of being a top news anchor.

Sadly, Jodi never got her shot at the life she wanted and in the early hours of June 27, 1995, the 27-year-old KIMT reporter was abducted outside of her apartment. Shortly before her abduction, Jodi’s executive producer Amy Kunz called her house phone, waking her up. Kunz explains in an interview that Jodi sounded groggy and stated that she overslept and would leave her apartment shortly. Originally Huisentruit was scheduled on air at 6am that Tuesday morning, which means she usually leaves her apartment around 3am. Amy Kunz covered for Jodi that morning and around 7am she informed the Mason City Police Department that her friend and co-worker still has come into work.

Police immediately noticed that Jodi’s red Mazda Miata was parked in her usual spot, but a closer look could see that there had been a struggle in the parking lot. Police believe that as Jodi was walking to her car, her abductor approached her from behind, knocking her unconscious before dragging her to his or her vehicle. The crime scene also reflected a scenario where Jodi was fighting her attacker tooth and nail, as her heel, car key, hair dryer, along with other personal items were scattered along the parking lot.

John Vansice, an older man who claimed a friendship with Jodi, is widely held as the primary suspect for her disappearance. Although Vansice passed a polygraph test, he quickly packed his belonging and moved to Arizona and creating an extra hoop for the police to jump through.

There are a few other theories in this case including a serial rapist working in the area at the time of Huisentruit’s disappearance as well as a potential drug connection that Jodi may have been close to uncovering. There is little hope that Jodi’s body will ever be recovered, but she not forgotten. Her case is fairly popular among true crime documentaries and podcasters and many think her cold case will soon be solved.

If you want more information on Jodi Huisentruit’s case you can visit which is where I pulled most of my information for this episode.


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