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Do You Know Who Killed Jody Lecornu?

Family members are always surprised when a close relative does something that they can’t quite explain. When Jody LeCornu was murdered, her family had more questions than answers. According to her twin sister, Jenny, nothing about Jody’s death makes sense. The situation, the people, and the location are all incredibly suspicious. The family is desperately looking for answers and has been for more than twenty years, but the police aren’t helping. Here is what we know.

jody lecornu billboard
Jody’s sister has put up billboards featuring her sister’s murder.

The Fight

Jody was a normal twenty-three-year-old woman by all accounts. She enjoyed spending time drinking at bars and had a boyfriend that she was rather serious about. The night before her disappearance, these two truths would come together to create quite a problem.

According to police reports, Jody and her boyfriend at the time had quite a falling out. Jody had been spending quite a bit of time drinking out with friends and was considered a usual at the local bar. Her boyfriend was less than thrilled that she was spending so much time out drinking. After a particularly bad argument, he told her not to bother coming home.

jody lecornu boyfriend suspect
Jody Lecornu and her boyfriend.

The Night of Her Murder

The fight with her boyfriend left her without anywhere to go, which is perhaps what led her to where she was when she died. Her night began simple, more time spent drinking at the bar. She spent the night drinking and having fun before leaving with one of her friends from the bar. Jody was their ride home, and she was all too happy to oblige. It is unclear if she was sober at this point.

After Jody dropped off the friend, Jody decided that she wasn’t done drinking for the night. She went to purchase more alcohol and ultimately ended up sitting in a parking lot in her car all alone. Without a home to return to, it almost seems as if Jody just decided to stay in her car for the night. It wasn’t ideal, but it might be better than spilling her story to her friends in order to find a place to stay. Considering the fact that she spent the night drinking and then purchases more, some wonder if she wasn’t trying to cover up a potential drinking problem.

jody lecornu car evidence photo
Jody Lecornu’s car.

The Murder

What makes Jody’s decision to stay in the parking lot more interesting is the person who showed up. At some point in the middle of the night, a man approached Jody’s vehicle after parking nearby. Witnesses claim that the two were talking. Talking turned into a disagreement and then at some point, a gun was fired. Jody was shot, but still drove off to escape her assailant. She made it to a nearby gas station before the murderer drove up to her, shot her again, and stole her bag.

jody lecornu inside her car evidence photo(1)
Inside the car owned by Jody.

Missing Answers

Police were never able to locate the individual who killed Jody, and no one is sure what happened. Some speculate that she might have known the person, but that never provided any answers. It might have been a robbery gone wrong, or it might have been that Jody was involved in something that her family couldn’t explain. Either way, her uncharacteristic decision to stay in that parking lot seemed to be the choice that led to her tragic demise.


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