Become A Talko Supremo By Supporting the Show!

Hi, Jon here 👋

Now that you’re here I want to say thank you for wanting to support our podcast. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but podcasting ain’t cheap and we ain’t rich by no means.

That’s why your support really helps us out a lot!

So here’s what we’re offering:

  👕Talko Supremo official tee!  *Very high quality shirts custom made just for our members – unisex (S,M,L,XL,XXL) – see the shirt here.

 💌Sticker pack & Hand-written note 

 🎙️SHOUT-OUTS on the show 

 👥Community forum & PRIVATE FB group 

 🔥Exclusive episodes and bonus audio + Episodes 1-12 

 🔪Hometown stories – be heard on the show! 


WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TIERS? – As far as “what you get”, the main difference between a Supremo and Small Talko is the Supremo Fan Tee, sticker pack, hand handwritten ‘thank you note’. Pretty much everything but stuff we mail. Our podcast does benefit more with a Supremo donation, but our passion to build a like-minded community far outweighs everything else. We ❤️ our Small Talkos and Supremos all the same!

DO I HAVE TO RENEW EACH YEAR? – NOPE! We switched to a ONE-TIME charge – so you pay one time and you’re good to go – (NO renewal fees is what I’m trying to say). However, if you want the 2020 members TEE you’ll have to buy it separately whenever we get it created, but it should only be like $20 or so. Stickers are free, I can send you any new stickers whenever you guys want!!


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