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Hi, Jon here.

We started this podcast to make new friends with awesome people probably like yourself.

That being said, podcasting ain’t cheap and Nicole, Jen, and I ain’t rich by no means.

Most podcast out there want to sell you socks and mattresses, nothing wrong with that, but I’m pretty sure you already wear socks and already sleep on a mattress.

Am I right?!

So instead of selling you a bunch of crap we don’t care about to pay for our podcasting addiction, we came up with a better solution.

A freaking awesome community.

If you decide to support our podcast you will get:

🌮 2019 Talko Supremo official t-shirt!

*Very high quality shirts custom made just for our members – unisex (S,M,L,XL,XXL)

🌮 Talk Murder To Me van sticker (large 4″)

🌮 Large Serial Killer Vinyl Sticker for true crime fans!

🌮 Hand-written card from the TM2M team

🌮 Shout-outs on the show!

If you’re a TM2M fan already then you already know we shout out our members, like ALL the time. They love it, you’ll love it, and we love doing it!

🌮 Community forum

🌮 Hometown murder episodes requested by you (as many as you want to submit)

Probably the most enticing reason to join our community. Each week we release a “Talko Special” episode requested by a community member (Supremo) and researched, and delivered hot and fresh by me, Jon.

Here’s one of our latest Talko Specials

🌮 Some (every once in a while) episodes recorded on video (unedited)

Soo.. what do you think?

Want to join our community or should I try to sell you some socks instead?

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