The Twisted True Account of How the “Rochester Nightstalker” Mutilated June Stotts

The Twisted True Account of How the “Rochester Nightstalker” Mutilated June Stotts
“Then I took out the knife that I’d taken from her and cut her wide open in a straight line down her chest from, her neck to her asshole. Cut out her pussy and ate it.” — Arthur Shawcross

In the tranquility of Thanksgiving Day, 1989, Rochester's Turning Point Park held a secret - a secret as chilling as the winter frost and as horrifying as the silence of the prey under the predator's gaze.

Thanksgiving Day, 1989 — a day known for the warmth of hearths, family gatherings, and grateful hearts, would be forever marred by a chilling discovery in the picturesque expanse of Turning Point Park, Rochester, New York. The park, named for the Genesee River’s navigational convenience for small ships, was the site where a hunter’s dog, innocently sniffing out an overgrown game trail, alerted its owner to a scene of grotesque horror.

Mark Stezel, a local, was walking his hunting mutt that fateful day when the canine led him to an area nestled deep within the park, often used by deer for rest. An oddly placed ice-encrusted carpet with its burlap side up, almost blending with the vegetation, piqued Stezel’s curiosity. But the shock of what laid underneath would haunt him for the rest of his life — a bare human foot protruding from a corner. Beneath the carpet lay the decomposing body of a woman, her right leg grotesquely twisted, her skin mottled with a disconcerting gelatinous coating of varying shades of brown and dark red. The horrifying tableau was suggestive of sexual violation, decomposition, and a brutal demise.

What made the grisly find more gruesome was the manner of the mutilation; the body...

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