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The Disappearance of Kelly Glover

Kelly Glover was a known traveler who loved exploring new places. During the last few days of her life, she was on a special kind of trip: a work trip. Though work trips might not be as much fun as an outright vacation, she was traveling with good company and seeing a world beyond her Utah home. Unfortunately, this work trip was one that Kelly would never come back from, leaving her family completely devastated.

Kelly Glover missing news coverage.

Understanding Kelly Glover

Kelly was an ambitious woman and already quite accomplished at the age of thirty-seven. She worked a job that she loved in the project management world and was known for her expertise in her field. Beloved by friends, family, and coworkers alike, Kelly had already proven to be a valuable asset to any team that she worked on. She loved her job, her coworkers, and was said to bring a beautiful energy and light just about anywhere that she went. From an abundance of social media posts, it is easy to see that Kelly loved her life and loved to explore the world around her.

Her Last Night

On the night of Kelly’s disappearance, she was celebrating with coworkers. After a hard day of work, the team headed out for a nice meal and some drinks. Everyone had a lovely time and ultimately returned to their hotel rooms in the evening. Kelly returned with her roommate for the trip, and everything seemed normal about her. There were no strangers and no suspicious behavior, only a nice evening out with the team before getting some shuteye.

Kelly Glover husband.

The Disappearance

The next morning, Kelly’s roommate woke up to a fairly strange sight. For some reason, the door to their room had been left open. She did not remember the door being open the night before and turned to mention it to Kelly, only to realize that she was gone. Though there are plenty of good reasons for an adult to head down to a hotel lobby early in the morning, something about the situation just didn’t seem right. Kelly’s shoes, phone, and bag were all in the room, but she was nowhere to be seen. When Kelly failed to reappear for a while, her roommate and coworker decided to reach out to Kelly’s husband.

 This is the area where the police along with a dog team, divers and helicopters are looking for Kelly Glover
This is the area where the police along with a dog team, divers and helicopters are looking for Kelly Glover

Kelly’s husband, Adam Bremer, knew that something was wrong before he received the call. According to him, he and Kelly were in constant communication. The fact that she hadn’t texted him that morning told him that something had happened. He spent time trying to reach her, and when he received the call, he already expected the worst possible outcome.

Searching For Kelly

Since Kelly disappeared in the middle of the night without a trace, her family wasted no time before heading out to Florida in search of her. Her husband, local police, coworkers, and family, all headed out to find out where she could have disappeared without taking any of her belongings. When police uncovered footage of Kelly wandering around the hotel without shoes in her pajamas, they began to suspect that something very bad must have happened.

The Pond

Behind the hotel that Kelly was staying at, there was a pond. It wasn’t a small pond, and some might consider it closer to a small lake. When a person goes missing in an area, police are often quick to explore bodies of water in search of bodies. Unfortunately, during their search, they found Kelly’s body located in the water down below. She appeared to have drowned.

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Kelly’s Death

After talking with her father and reviewing the footage, an obvious theory surrounding Kelly’s death began to form. Though many suspected foul play, police found no such evidence. Instead, they learned that Kelly had a long history of sleepwalking. Based on this evidence and the bizarre footage, police came to the conclusion that Kelly’s death was the byproduct of her sleepwalking. They believe that she unknowingly walked right into the water and ultimately drowned while unconscious. It was ruled a tragic accident despite the fact that her husband knew nothing of her sleepwalking and footage never actually showed her leaving the building. For now, it would appear that this case was merely a matter of unfortunate circumstances.


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